The Best River to Still Find Rafting Near Breckenridge

Rafting the Upper Colorado River

With summer coming to an end, I’m sure you and your friends are looking for a fun activity to wrap things up with. If you’re in the Breckenridge, Colorado, area and are up for some fun on the water, I highly recommend driving the beautiful route north to the little town of Kremmling, Colorado. Located in Grand County, this awesome little town sits right alongside the Upper Colorado River and has some gorgeous views of the surrounding scenery. 

Each year the rafting season starts to come to a close around the last week of August. Due to low water levels, most rivers in the area are un-runnable past this point. The Upper Colorado is a different story though, not only do great water levels usually last through September, but the scenery alongside is also breathtaking. There’s an abundance of activities to do here as well! You can experience family-friendly level two rapids with your group, or do some amazing gold medal fly fishing. I’ve put together a list below of some of the super fun activities you can do on the Upper Colorado River and how to add these to your to-do list while in the wonderful town of Kremmling.  


Have you ever wanted to go white water rafting but were a bit intimidated or limited by options for younger kids? If so, I recommend checking out a guided rafting tour of the Upper Colorado River. This is a great option for families ages two and up. The best part is, if the youngsters get tired and need a break from paddling, they can just sit in the middle of the raft and relax while the adults do the work. The amazing views along this river are also unbeatable! Not only can you see gorgeous Big Horn Sheep, but also majestic Bald Eagles and other wildlife. If you thought the fun ended there, you’re wrong. There’s also awesome jumping rocks that allow the adventure seekers in the group to get a bit more excitement out of their trip.  


If you’re looking to up the intensity of the class two rapids, this is for sure the way to go. The water affects kayaks differently than rafts, which means class two rapids for rafting are more like class three for kayaking. With an age minimum of ten, most members of your group can enjoy this awesome little “side quest.” This gives the group a chance to split up and be a little more independent if they’d like to do so. With all the awesome perks that come along with a guided trip, this is definitely something to consider adding onto your itinerary.  

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

With an age minimum of thirteen years old, this is the most fun you can have along the Upper Colorado in my opinion. Like kayaking, it gives you a bit more freedom from the group and allows you to do some trekking on your own. Unlike kayaks, you have more freedom to move around and you can either stand or kneel on these awesome boards. Stand-up paddleboards are definitely the way to go if you want to make these class two rapids as advanced as possible. I highly recommend adding a kayak and paddle board to your trip to allow everyone to experience the many different difficulty levels that you can experience on this river just by simply changing the activity that you choose to do.  


All in all, the Upper Colorado River has many awesome activities to participate in! Make sure to add the beautiful town of Kremmling to your bucket list. I promise it will end your summer in the most amazing way possible.