“The most amazing experience…”


I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to you for booking the most amazing experience our family has had this summer!!!!  Your enthusiasm helping me book the adventure was very help full.  Like I told you on the phone I was the big “chicken” out of the family….IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

I want the highest in your company to recognize you, and most of all our guide.

I work in the retail industry for a pharmacy, and I know customer service is the highest of importance. I know far to well that it is important when you give outstanding customer service you do want to hear positive feedback. And allot of the time people don’t take the time to recognize when they have been treated very well.

I am taking the time because I would like someone to know how much of an asset to the company they have. Our guide was amazing!  We had John and I do not know his last name.  John was outstanding ! John had the energy and enthusiasm that took my worries away so that I could enjoy my adventure with my family.  And he had his hands full with 7 of us!  It was my sons birthday the 7th of July and my step daughters on the 8th of July and that was our surprise to them.

Nathan is a very “WILD” full of energy!  And John was amazing with him……………Nathan would have traded anyone of his sisters or his own brother to take John into our family.  This young man was so wonderful and I would hope someone will recognize him for the job done above and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We almost lost Nathan to a bad accident which left him with a head injury. Nathan is fine and able to function and do normal things in life but he like I said is WILD AND FULL OF ENERGY!!!!!  And John had no problems with Nathans energy, or at least did not show it…..But I can’t tell you how much this young man touched our entire families lives on July 9th 2009.  He made our day more special than the rafting trip itself!

Thank you so much again…And we will be spreading the word about your company, and we will be back so keep John around for a long time!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Lisa Bassett and FAMILY