Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Eagle River Rafting – Colorado White Water Rafting

Start the season off right with an Eagle River white water rafting trip. A great option for Spring white water rafting adventures in Colorado, the Eagle River waters run wild May through July. A legendary high country drainage, the Eagle River’s water comes primarily from snowmelt, much of which courses directly off the slopes of nearby Vail Mountain Ski Area. The frozen stream-bed awakens from hibernation in late April, rising within a matter of weeks to become a pulsating whitewater deluge.

The Ute Indians claimed that the stream gushing down from present-day Tennessee Pass had as many tributaries as an eagle’s tail had feathers. Hence the Eagle River earned its name. Local action has effectively prohibited dams from being constructed on the river or on any of its many tributaries, so the Eagle remains one of the few free-flowing rivers in the nation.

Catch the Eagle if you can! Rafting on the Eagle River will not only give you that early fix, but also whet your appetite for more whitewater throughout the summer.

Two Eagle River Rafting Trips are available:

Dowd Chute Rafting Trip: advanced whitewater, ages 16+ Book Now

Lower Eagle Rafting Trip: family whitewater, ages 6+ Book Now