Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Whitewater Rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado

The Arkansas River lands top of the list of North America’s most sought-after whitewater. Headquartered out of the town of Buena Vista, you’ll find incredible rafting and scenery just about 1 hour from Breckenridge. The Arkansas River plunges 5,000 feet within the first 125 miles, providing a stretch of whitewater rafting that is both big and thrilling and small and calm. Along the way, you can take in the views of the Rocky Mountains Collegiate Peaks, a set of “fourteeners” near Buena Vista, local wildlife (including bighorn sheep, deer, elk, birds and more), and the incredible walls of the Royal Gorge. Take a journey with us through this epic stretch of whitewater.

Tumbling its way through boulder-strewn canyons, magnificent valleys, and an impossibly deep gorge, we offer multiple guided sections of Arkansas River rafting– from Class II to Class V. These rafting trips are close to Breckenridge as well, just about an hour’s drive through the beautiful Colorado mountains.


Designated as a National Monument in 2015, the Browns Canyon section of whitewater is among the most popular sections of Arkansas River whitewater rafting in North America. This is, arguably, the best whitewater rafting near Breckenridge. Browns Canyon rafting trips are perfect for all ages and experiences, which is why this section appeals to families and thrill seekers alike.

Browns Canyon 1/2 Day Ages 7+, ~3-4 hours, Class III, 10 miles
3/4 Day Browns Canyon Express  Ages 7+, ~5-6 hours, Class III, 16 miles
Full Day Browns Canyon Sizzler  Ages 7+, ~7-8 hours, Class III, 16 miles

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Flowing north of Browns Canyon is the Numbers section of the Arkansas River. This class IV section is notorious amongst advanced rafters and first-timers, with its sequential rapids drawing in adventurers from all across the globe. These rafting trips are close to Breckenridge; you’ll find the Numbers whitewater rafting trips just about an hour from Breckenridge. With a steep grade of 75 feet/mile, this section of whitewater is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Numbers 1/2 Day  Ages 15+, ~4-5 hours, Class IV, 6 miles
Numbers/Narrows Full Day Ages 15+, ~7-8 hours, Class IV, 18 miles
Numbers Wyldride 1/2 Day Ages 15+, ~4-5 hours, Class IV, 6 miles

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Take advantage of some of the most extreme whitewater rafting in North America, just down the road from Breckenridge. Pine Creek starts off quick, dropping 200 miles within a single mile. This whitewater rafting trip near Breckenridge will get your heart pumping in a matter of minutes.

Pine Creek 1/2 Day Ages 15+, ~3 hours, Class V, 10 miles
The Gauntlet – Pine Creek + Numbers Full Day Ages 15+, ~ 6 hours, Class V, 16 miles

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Elevate your Colorado adventure with an all-inclusive overnight rafting trip! You’ll enjoy rapids, delicious food, and a night under the stars. You’ll camp along the riverside and wake up to the sounds of the water flowing. Join us in the great outdoors!

24 Hours in Browns Canyon Ages 7+, ~24 hours, Class III, 16 miles
2 Day Advanced Ages 15+, ~30 hours, Class IV, 40 miles
3 Day Mild to Wild Ages 15+, ~48 hours, Class V, 55 miles

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Make the most of your adventure trip! Join us for an adventure package and fill you day with the great outdoors.

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You can find the Royal Gorge in the southern town of Canon City. You’ll find the Arkansas River trips of Canon City justa bout 2 hours south of Breckenridge. This canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas, is home to some of the Arkansas River’s most thrilling whitewater just about 1,200 feet below the top of the canyon walls. Journey through the Royal Gorge on the Bighorn Sheep Canyon trip, a great family-friendly trip running from April – September, or raft the Gorge, a thrilling section of whitewater for adults and thrill-seekers.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon Ages 6+, ~3 hours, Class III, 7 miles
Royal Gorge 1/2 Day Ages 15+, ~4 hours, Class V, 10 miles
Royal Gorge Full Day Ages 15+, ~8 hours, Class V, 20 miles

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Arkansas white water rafting isn’t just one of the best rafting trips near Breckenridge, it’s one of the best white water river trips in the United States!

Come see for yourself why rafting on the Arkansas River is our most popular activity. Now offering delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner options as an add on at the Granite Outpost!


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