Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Browns Canyon Rafting on the Arkansas River

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Fun For All: If you’re looking for a classic Colorado whitewater adventure, look no further than the Browns Canyon rafting trips on the Arkansas River. Browns Canyon ranks high on the list of  classic whitewater rafting runs worldwide. A gorgeous high country canyon and national monument, rafters of all experience levels relish Browns Canyon’s mix of thrilling whitewater and stunning scenery. Legendary rapids such as Pinball, Zoom Flume, and Widowmaker, as well as the infamous Seidel’s Suck Hole – provide sustained whitewater rafting excitement. Convenient to most areas of central Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs, rafting Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River in Colorado will live up to all of your expectations.

We now offer delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner options as an add on to any trip!

Here are trips in Browns Canyon:

Browns Canyon Sizzler Full Day

Our Browns Canyon Sizzler whitewater rafting trip is a full day of incredible whitewater and mountain scenery. Enjoy a hot lunch of chicken fajitas riverside to refuel mid-day. Mile after mile of rafting pleasure through the famous Browns Canyon – makes this an amazing way to spend a day in the Colorado Rockies.

  • Full Day Intermediate Family whitewater
  • Includes lunch, wetsuits and splash jackets
  • Min age 7 & 50 lbs
  • Meet at 9:30 am at our Granite Outpost 14 miles north of Buena Vista
  • $134/adult $124/child 7-12

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Browns Canyon Express 3/4 Day

The Browns Canyon Express 3/4 day whitewater rafting trip gives you the best Browns Canyon has to offer. This afternoon rafting trip takes you all the way through Seidel’s Suck Hole and Twin Falls. If time is limited, you can’t beat this action-packed adventure!

  • 3/4 day raft trip
  • Intermediate family whitewater
  • Min age 7 & 50 lbs
  • Includes free wetsuits and jackets
  • Meet at 12:15 pm at our Granite Outpost north of Buena Vista
  • $109 – $114/adult, $99 – $104/child 7-12

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Browns Canyon Half Day

The Browns Canyon Half Day whitewater rafting trip is great for those on a tighter schedule. This trip is also a great combination with another half-day activity like ziplining or rock climbing. Browns Canyon is a proposed federal wilderness area and national monument and rafting the river gives you a view of Browns Canyon that is not accessible otherwise. The views and the whitewater on this trip are amazing!

  • 1/2 day trip
  • AM or PM departures
  • Includes free wetsuits and splash jackets
  • Min age 7 & 50 lbs
  • $79 – $89/adult, $69 – $79/child 7-12

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Browns Canyon Half Day Rafting + Zipline Package

Take your family on a wild ride through the trees after spending a day splashing around the famous Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River. After a few hours paddling your way through some of Colorado’s best whitewater, you and your family will enjoy a nice lunch riverside and have a chance to dry off. Once we’re finished with lunch we will venture to the tees where you and your kids can enjoy spectacular views of the Colorado Rockies. Taking a tour through this part of the Arkansas Valley on a zipline tour is the best way to see nature at its finest. The Gold Camp zip line sails you through densely wooded areas and zips you along rock faces that line the valley. Don’t miss out on showing your family just how much fun the mountains can be!

  • Half day raft, half day zipline + lunch
  • Intermediate Whitewater
  • Min Age 7 for the rafting trip, min age 10 for the zipline tour
  • Check in: 8:30 am, includes lunch Granite Outpost: See Map
  • Includes lunch, free wetsuits and jackets
  • Weight for Zipline Tour: 50-250 lbs
  • Starting at $208/adult, $188/child 10-12 (min 50 lbs.)

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Overnight 24 Hours in Browns Canyon Rafting + Zipline Tour

Overnight Whitewater Trip + Zip Line
From $448 adults, $428 kids 10-12 (min 50 lbs)
Granite Outpost: See Map

For the perfect weekend getaway in the mountains, this Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting river trip will take you through Browns Canyon where you’ll spend the night under the stars. After a full day of whitewater rafting and spending the night in the great outdoors, you and your group will pack up the camp and head back to the river. The river trips ends as you successfully reach the end of Browns Canyon where you’ll enjoy a nice lunch by the river and dry off in preparation for your next adventure. Even though you’ve seen the beautiful Colorado mountains before, you’ve never seen them like this. Zip line tours through the Arkansas Valley will take you through the wilderness in a way you haven’t experienced. Sail through the tree line and next to magnificent rock faces as you explore nature from above. The zip lines run though our 44-acre Gold Camp property in the Arkansas Valley.

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