Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Breckenridge’s Best White Water Rafting

At Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting we hear the question “what’s the best white water rafting in Colorado?” all the time – and it’s a great question.  We say that because choosing the best white water rafting trip for your group’s Colorado adventure is dependent on your individual needs, abilities, ages and what you desire to get from your time on the Colorado rivers.  So in many ways, the answer to “what’s the best Colorado white water rafting trip” is all about you!

Here in Colorado, we’re fortunate to have some of the most diverse rivers and white water trips of any state in the country. In fact, the Rocky Mountains spawn more rivers than any other range in the United States.  Combine that diversity with the extraordinary run-off we get from winter-time Colorado snow and you’ll soon see why better conditions are hard to find.  That’s the greatest challenge in picking the “best white water rafting in Colorado” – there are so many good choices!  Great runs on rafting trips from Class II to Class V can be had from May through Labor Day, with a few trips running earlier and later than that. When trying to find the perfect Breckenridge whitewater rafting trip, there are a number of factors to take into account.


To find the best rafting trip near Breckenridge, it’s important to know that all trips have age restrictions.

Ages 2-4
Colorado River Trips

Ages 5+
Blue River Rafting Trips

Ages 6+
Clear Creek Gold Rush 1/3 Day

Ages 7+
Browns Canyon Rafting Trips

Ages 15+
Numbers Rafting Trips
Pine Creek Rafting Trips
Upper Clear Creek Trips
Lower Canyon Trips


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All of our Breckenridge rafting trips are seasonal trips, so if you are looking to join us out on the river, it’s important to know what will be running when you are planning to go rafting. Here are the general start dates of our most popular rafting trips near Breckenridge.

Late April
Browns Canyon Rafting Trips (through Labor Day)
Numbers Rafting Trips (through mid-August)
Pine Creek Rafting Trips (through mid-August)
Eagle River Trips (through mid-June)
Royal Gorge Trips (through September)

Early May
Clear Creek Gold Rush 1/3 Day (through early/mid August)
Upper Clear Creek Trips (through early/mid August)
Lower Canyon Trips (through early/mid August)
Blue River Rafting Trips (through mid-July)

Mid May
Colorado River Trips (through late October/November)


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We want to find the trip that works with your schedule, so knowing how long of a trip you are looking for is important to help find the right trip. We have trips that are 1/3 day, 1/2 day, 3/4 day, full day, 2-day overnights and 3-day overnights.


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In addition to rafting, Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting has ziplining, via ferratas, off-roading, fly fishing, rock climbing, horseback riding and more. These trips can be packaged with rafting trips or booked standalone. Many of our multi-adventure packages even include lunch. Check out all of our adventure packages below:

Rafting & Zipline Packages
Rafting & Via Ferrata Packages
Rafting & Rock Climb Packages
Zipline & Rock Climb Packages


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The final piece of the puzzle is the intensity level you are looking for. We have trips that are mild and scenic, and we have trips that are wild and extreme.

Mild & Scenic
Looking to take it easy out there on the river? No problem! Our Colorado River trips fit the bill for a mild and scenic trip for all ages. You can join us for a 1/2 day, full day, or even 24-hour or 3-day overnight.

Family Trips
Hit the rapids with the entire family! If you need a trip that’s a little more exciting than a mild and scenic rafting trip, you can take advantage of our Breckenridge family rafting trips at a number of locations. The Blue River Express 1/3 day takes places just about 30 minutes from Breckenridge on the beautiful Blue River. This trip is great for those looking for a quick, scenic, but exciting trip. You can also head down to Clear Creek in Idaho Springs for the 1/3 Day Clear Creek Gold Rush. Raft through the historic mining town, and you may even get a chance to ride the bull! Finally, our Browns Canyon trips on the Arkansas River are a great option for the whole family. Head down to Buena Vista, just about an hour south of Breckenridge, to enjoy the incredible rapids, wildlife, and Collegiate Peak scenery as you raft through a National Monument.

Wild & Exciting
Step up the intensity with our wild and exciting rafting trips near Breckenridge. These trips are great for those who have rafted before, or those who are fit, athletic first-timers. You can head to Idaho Springs for a trip down Upper Clear Creek. You could even tag on the Gold Rush section to your Upper Clear Creek rafting trip for a 3/4 day Outer Limits trip that includes a riverside BBQ lunch.

The Arkansas River is also home to some of the most exciting class IV rapids. Join us in Buena Vista for a trip through the Numbers section. You’ll raft through some of the most notorious rapids, all with a 75 feet/mile grade.

Highly Intense
If you’re looking for the biggest, most extreme whitewater rafting near Breckenridge, we’ve got you covered. Join us on the Lower Canyon 1/2 day rafting trip for some of the best Class V whitewater in the state. You can upgrade your trip and join us for a Full Day Phoenix rafting trip and enjoy a riverside BBQ lunch before dropping into the canyon. Buena Vista is also home to some of the state’s most extreme Class V rapids. Join us on a Pine Creek 1/2 Day or Gauntlet Full Day rafting trip. You’ll hit one of the state’s most consistent rapids, dropping 200 feet in less than a mile.


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Choosing the “best white water rafting in Colorado” for your group is as easy as narrowing down a few variables.  But we’re the experts, so let us help!  If you’re having trouble after checking out all the great river trip info and pricing info on our site – contact us via email or at 800-370-0581 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you still have.  We can’t wait to see you on the white water rapids of our great Colorado rivers!