Lower Canyon 1/2 Day

  • LOCATION: Idaho Springs, CO
  • ACTIVITIES: White Water Rafting
  • DURATION: 1/2 Day
  • DIFFICULTY: Level 6
  • MINIMUM AGE: 15 years old
  • PRICE: Starting at $94 per person


The Clear Creek Lower Canyon combines inspiring mountain views with equally impressive whitewater. Known as the most scenic section of Clear Creek, the Lower Canyon is filled with unique rock formations and abundant forest. Of course, this area is only accessible to the strong and determined. This whitewater rafting section begins with steep and technical Class IV rapids like Upper Beaver Falls, Lower Beaver Falls, and The Nixon Rapids. Here, you’ll battle one of the most continuous sections of raging whitewater in Colorado. When you do make it to mellow water, catch your breath quickly because it won’t last long. Soon you’ll hear the roar of famous Class V rapids like Hells Corner and Terminator, then it’s time to arm your paddle and get ready for more heart-racing fun!


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