The Gauntlet (Pine Creek/Numbers)

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  • LOCATION: Buena Vista, CO VIEW MAP
  • ACTIVITIES: White Water Rafting
  • DURATION: Full Day
  • DIFFICULTY: Level 6
  • MINIMUM AGE: 15 years old
  • PRICE: from $199 Ages 15+



If you’re looking for the ultimate whitewater rafting experience in Colorado then look no further. The Numbers and Pine Creek sections of the Arkansas River offer Class III-V rapids on approximately 12 miles of river. So you’d better bring your game face and some thrill-loving friends for this adventure. Not only will you be challenging relentless whitewater, but you will also be taking on steep drops and fast currents. You don’t have to worry though, we take more guests down these sections than any other company in Colorado. You’ll also be equipped with helmets, life jackets, wetsuits, and splash jackets at no extra charge.

First, you’ll speed down 7 different rapids in the Arkansas Valley as you make your way through the Numbers section. Then, you’ll hang out riverside for some lunch and amazing views of the Collegiate Peaks. This is the perfect time to take in the sights and relax. Finally, you’ll ride into the Pine Creek section for more heart-pumping whitewater and the unbelievable scenery. Look out for local wildlife that loves to see rafters speed by.

1 review for The Gauntlet (Pine Creek/Numbers)

  1. 1 out of 5


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