Current Colorado River Water Levels

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado and you have whitewater rafting on the itinerary, you’re probably wondering how the rafting conditions are right now.  Sure, the news has been full of doom and gloom lately between the low snow pack from the past winter and the current drought conditions.  But while some rivers are low this year, others are still flowing well.  Here’s your insider’s guide to Colorado whitewater rafting this July and August.

Arkansas River:

Mid-June through the first few days of July brought unusually low water levels on the Arkansas River.  For a few weeks, most of our trips were closed, but now we are excited to say that we’re back on track.  One of the great things about the Arkansas River is that it is dam controlled.  After a couple weeks of unusually low river levels, the dam released a bit more water and brought levels up.  The two reservoirs upstream are currently providing plenty water despite the dry year, so right now we are running all Arkansas River trips!  While the intensity of these trips is a little mellower than in past years, they are still very fun trips.  Be sure to discuss your group’s level of experience and desired excitement when you call our reservations office – our staff will be happy to help you select the best trip for your group based on the current water levels.  We anticipate being able to run some Arkansas River trips until Labor Day.

Clear Creek:

Clear Creek is still running! Water levels are currently low, which means our beginner trip is very mild – mostly Class II whitewater – and our intermediate trip is moderate Class III whitewater.  The recent rain has helped, though, and if we continue to get rain, we are hopeful that Clear Creek will run for several more weeks.  If you are planning a trip in late July or early August, we are happy set up your reservation, but you may want to prepare for possible last minute changes.   Regardless of the river’s changes, we will be operating our Idaho Springs mountaintop zip line course daily for the rest of the summer and on weekends in the fall and winter.

Colorado River:

The Colorado River continues to offer fantastic water levels.  Our scenic float on the Upper Colorado is the perfect trip for families looking to spend a relaxing day on the water, and our inflatable kayaks provide a dose of excitement for those seeking an extra thrill.  In just a few weeks, Gore Canyon will open, offering a no-holds-barred, high-adrenaline ride for the experienced rafter.  We are anticipating great water levels on the Colorado until at least mid-August.  We will offer the Upper Colorado Scenic float trip through Labor Day.

As you continue to plan your Colorado whitewater rafting trip, don’t let the weather reports and water reports scare you off.  This year is a great opportunity to experience a rafting trip that you might not try in a different year.  Whether it is the excitement of Pine Creek on the Arkansas or the mellow and scenic Upper Colorado, you’ll be glad you rafted in Colorado.