Activities on the Upper Colorado

Rafting on the upper Colorado offers some of the best scenery in the state. There are a number of different ways to witness the upper Colorado whether that be on a half day float trip, full day float trip, or an overnight adventure. Furthermore, for those who think this trip might be lacking the exciting rapids of other rafting adventures, hold onto your hats because these float trips have a number of different activities to take part in that many other trips do not.

  • Duckies: Another word for inflatable kayaks, duckies are a great way to experience Class I & II rapids from water level. Being able to sit almost on top of the water and Inflatable Kayakstake on some beginner rapids is great for the one in your family who wants more excitement.
  • Jump Rocks: In the middle of your float trip, take a break and climb one of the two cliff jumps alongside the river. For those who want some jump rock bigexcitement, but don’t want to feel uncomfortable, take a hop off of the 10-15ft rock into the chilly Colorado River. If you really want to push the envelope, journey past the first rock to the 35-40ft cliff jump. Don’t put your arms horizontal and keep your feet pointed for this one in order to enter the river smooth and unharmed.
  • Hot Springs: A little further downstream you’ll find one of the rarest site alongside a river. There is an actual hot spring that your guide will allow you to hope out at and take a soak next to the flowing Colorado.
  • Paddle Boards: If you want a little added exercise to your day on the river, test your balancing skills on one of our paddle boards. Stand up and balance on a gigantic surf board and find out what a class II rapid is all about.