Custom Whitewater Rafting Trips

If you’re planning a group outing and struggling to find the trip that will fit your needs, keep in mind that Breckenridge Whitewater offers custom options to groups of 10 or more.  If you want to do a group at a special time, get picked up from the location of your choice, add custom meal options or build a completely unique trip, we’ve got you covered!  Plus, you can have our guides, vehicles and boats devoted exclusively to your group – no other guests will join you.

Custom time:

Custom Clear Creek RaftingIf you’ve looked at our trip availability, you may have noticed that each of our trips goes out at a specific time or set of times.  If you decide to set up a custom trip, we’ll start the trip at the time that works best for you – no need to stick to the pre-existing times!  Custom trip times make it easy to schedule around other obligations, so they are perfect for wedding groups and corporate groups that often have a number of other events planned.

Custom meals and transportation:

Sometimes, it’s just easier to leave all the planning to the pros!  If you don’t feel like trying to coordinate 20 people in multiple vehicles or getting everyone to agree on a restaurant for dinner, think about taking advantage of our custom add-ons.  Even if you’re just worried that you’ll get lost on the back roads of Colorado, Breckenridge Whitewater will be happy to take care of your transportation and dining needs.

Go Exclusive:

Custom Arkansas River TripsPerfect for team building, bachelor parties, and wedding parties – we’re happy to give you the exclusive treatment!  Book a custom trip and our guide staff will be at your service.  No other guests will join your party, so you can enjoy each other’s company without interruption.

The trip you’ve always dreamed of:

When all else fails, just tell us what kind of a trip you have in mind!  Our group specialists will work closely with our river managers to build a trip completely from scratch to fit your needs.  Want to camp by the river?  We can do that.  Want to combine a range of different difficulty levels? We can do that too.  Want to add ziplining or rock climbing to a whitewater trip?  No problem.

No matter what you’re looking for on your Colorado whitewater rafting adventure, Breckenridge Whitewater will build the custom trip you’re seeking.