Gore Canyon

Are you looking for adventure?  Hair-raising, death-defying, adrenaline-fueled adventure that you will tell your grandchildren about?  Then Gore Canyon on the upper Colorado river is just the trip for you.

Flowing through a rugged canyon lies one of the most technical and hardest section of Class V rapids in the entire country.  This trip departs out of the quiet mountain town of Kremmling, CO where you will get geared up for this adventure.  After a short ride to the put-in on the Blue River and a slow paddle along the calm upper C the adventure is soon to follow.  Because Gore Canyon is considered to be one of the top five sections of Class V whitewater in the United States, certain precautions need to be taken to ensure that those willing to take the plunge down this river will be safe. The first is a swim test where you will have to jump out of the boat, swim underneath, then pull yourself back into the boat.  The next test involves floating down a Class III section of whitewater outside of the boat.  Once you pass these tests you are ready for the real fun!

The river will take you through some of the best scenery on Colorado leading to the entrance of the canyon.  Some of the notable rapids in the canyon include Apple Sauce, Gore, Scissors, Ship Wreck, and Pyrite.  There are also some Class IV rapids along the way that nobody has bothered to nameAVA-Rafting-airborne.  All of this culminates with the biggest rapid of Tunnel Falls.  After getting out of the boat to scout the rapid and talk strategy, you will embark on the waterfall with full confidence.  Finally, the day will end with a deli style lunch as the group recounts the day’s adventure.

Gore Canyon is the most intense section of whitewater in Colorado, so if you have previous rafting experience and want the most intensity out of a raft trip, you will enjoy this trip immensely.  This awesome trip is a great way to end your rafting season with availability all the way up to Labor Day.