Packing for a Whitewater Rafting Trip

One of the most common questions a guest has when booking a rafting trip is, ‘what should I bring?’ One of the upsides of rafting with Breckenridge Whitewater is that we provide just about everything you need including helmets, life jackets, wet suits, and splash jackets free of charge. Furthermore, we have free coffee and granola bars just in Colorado white water rafting Pine Creekcase you need a pick-me-up before your big excursion. One important piece of equipment that everyone must bring onto a rafting trip is a good pair of shoes/sandals. Flip flops and Crocs are not allowed onto our rafts because they have a high likelihood of flying off down the river. Make sure to wear some sort of sandal that straps to your feet or an old pair of tennis shoes. If you have neither, we have river shoes that are perfect for rafting available for purchase at our outposts. Keep in mind we do have changing rooms in case you need to do a last minute switcheroo.

Now, as far as the actual rafting portion of your trip, the less you bring, the better. We provide pictures on a CD at the end of your trip which are available for purchase so no need for a camera. Also, if wearing glasses, make sure they are connected by a Chum. Many glasses will also have a fun time floating down the river if you forget one of those.

If you’re headed out on an overnight trip, there are a couple of extra decisions to make before embarking on your journey. Each passenger will be issued a dry bag for all of their personal belongings which allows for easy access to another change of clothes. Also, sleeping bags are available for rent but feel free to bring your own. All other camping supplies is included. And if you would like to bring any extra beverages, we will transport them to the campsite at your leisure.

Here are a list of some other essentials:rsz_8-14-09_browns_a__15

  • Medications
  • Sunscreen/lip balm
  • Water
  • Clean clothes- Make sure to pack for various types of weather. Cotton is rotten!
  • Swimsuit/towel
  • Jacket- Going ziplining?
  • Snacks/food- Our Granite outpost offers chicken fajita lunches for purchase on site.
  • Hat/visor


Pack light and pack for fun. Pack your smiles, laughter, excitement, and adventurous spirit. Keep in mind that all equipment will be provided except for your extra special needs.