3 Tips for Fly Fishing Near Breckenridge

There is nothing quite like a Colorado summer. Sure, we enjoy our skiing and snowboarding all winter long, but summer has an abundance of activities for us to do as well. Whether that be hiking, biking, golfing, rafting, fishing, there is something for everybody. Out here in Breckenridge, we have the best of the best when it comes to getting outdoors. Colorado’s yearly 300 days of sunshine really shows its face during the warmer months, and there is nothing better than standing in the sunshine casting out for the catch of the day. Here are three useful tips to fly fishing around Breckenridge!


Find a good position – You’re going to want to get a good drift on your cast, so put yourself in the best position possible to catch a fish. Also, when  you’re scoping for the trout that flood our rivers, try to stay out their line of site. Your odds of bagging a fish are better when the fish think


they’re just going about their normal business. Your approach to your fishing position is important as well. Fish are sensitive to vibration so when you are walking to the bank try to walk softly.

Be good to the fish you catch – Believe it or not, fish get stressed out. If you’re feeling extra courteous on your day of fishing, you don’t necessarily have to take the fish out of the water to get it unhooked. If you want to take a quick picture with the fish out of the water, try not to keep it out in the open air for too long. Trout fishing is especially popular in Colorado, and they prefer water that is 50-68 degrees fahrenheit. So once you get that fish out of the water, try to get it back in there soon as possible.

Find a river with slow current – Trout typically feed in waters that run at 2-6 CFS (cubic feet per second). This means that the water is moving very, very slow. Think lake water speed. If the water is moving too fast, the fish will simply swim downstream, looking for calmer waters to feed in. If you’re looking to catch a river monster, be sure to cast out in slow moving waters.


For more information on fly fishing with our partner companies in Buena Vista and Breckenridge visit our website or give us a call at 1-877-RAFTING. Happy fishing!