6 Things You May Not Have Know About the Blue River

Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne are popular destinations for families and friends from all over the world! Many people don’t realize that there is a whitewater rafting river that’s extremely close to these locations. Here are 6 things you may not have known about the Blue River!

The Blue River is the only river in Summit County that is commercially raftable. Even though we have this gem slithering through the middle of each Summit County town, not many realize that it can be rafted. This provides many unforeseen opportunities for potential rafters; less river traffic, more available rafting trips and a great, very close rafting experience!

While paddling down the mighty Blue, participants will be able to view and experience not only one, but two entirely different and beautiful National Forests. The Arapahoe National Forest lies to the north and the White River National Forest to the west. Absorb the natural beauty and jump at the chance to view a variety of wildlife from the river.

Even though the Blue River flows throughout the entire year, its rafting season is short due to the water flows being regulated by Denver Water. A man made dam, Dillon Dam provides 30% of Denver’s drinking water supply. Because of this, the river has limited availability so give us a call to book your trip now!

If you’ve ever noticed the mountain range associated with the Coors Brewing Company, it is a formidable sight. In person, it is even more remarkable and you can see it direcly from your raft! The Gore Range stretches approximately 60 miles and is rooted in the counties of Grand, Summit, Routt and Eagle counties.

Even though the Blue River supplies a significant amount of Denver’s water, is named after a town that only has about 850 residents! Blue River is located roughly 25 miles from the town of Sliverthorne, Co, which is name after the “thorne” in the Gore range, towering over the city.

The small town of Alma is actually the location of the headwaters for the Blue River, about 20 miles from Breckenridge. Alma is also the location of the infamous animated series, South Park.