Spring Break Zipline Tours

With spring break kicking off in Summit County on March 2, 2014, many different families, couples, friends and groups will be looking for activities to do. While there is obviously fantastic skiing, snowboarding and other on snow activities, there are also many others. For example, at our Idaho Springs Outpost, AVA will be offering spring break zipline tours.

rsz_img_5379Great for Everyone

Unlike skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities that may require the user or participant to be trained and/or experienced, just about anyone can go ziplining! This means that whether you’re along in years and just looking to cross another item off of your bucket list or have a group or family with a variety of ages, one and all can go! There are certain requirements and restrictions for our zipline course in Idaho Springs, so be sure to check those out.

Fun and Excitement

If you have been ziplining before, then you are well aware of the thrill and rush that comes with jumping off and whisking away on a zipline. If you have never had the opportunity to go ziplining, well, let’s just say you are missing out! There is nothing quite like flying through the canopy of our beautiful rocky mountain forests, gliding over deep canyons or zooming over crisp clear flowing streams. Whatever level of excitement you or your group is seeking, with our Idaho Springs cliffside zipline tour, that need will be met!

Escape your Comfort Zone

Zip 1

Ziplining is an excellent medium, with which, you are able to not only face your acrophobia (fear of heights), basiphobia (fear of falling) or tachophobia (fear of going fast), but also tame that fear! Being securely fastened to our zipline course by a certified, trained and experienced guide removes most margin of error for being injured. The number of individuals strengthened and empowered by facing and overcoming their particular fears is innumerable and incredibly encouraging for those of you with phobophobia (fear of fear).