All About the Breck Town Party & Kingdom Days

Every town has its own unique reasons to celebrate their existing. With its gold rush era, the exploration and adventures surround the area, Breckenridge is no exception. Celebrating over 150 years of history Breckenridge will be celebrating it’s 8th annual Kingdom Days this June.

Have you ever imagined what does it feels like for a prospector to find some gold back in the 1800s? Breckenridge once was a Gold Rush town and to celebrate that period, the town gives you an opportunity to experience it first hand. Sign up for the Colorado Gold Panning Championship and you will get to keep all the gold you find and a chance to win some cool prizes from the tournament as well.

Mountain View Breck
Source: Go Breck

If looking for some family friendly activities, there is much to do. At the Edwin Carter Discovery Center kids take an interactive tour and learn of the famous log cabin naturalist.

Another great historical activity is visiting the Barney Ford Victorian Home. Kids will even receive an old time treat. Mininning tours and gold panning demonstrations by an expert are available for kids as well. Wait to see the grin on their faces when they discover gold from their own labor, it is a golden moment!

breck street view
Source: Go Breck

Last but not least and it could only be seen in Breckenridge is the Outhouse Races! However, it is not your usual looking outhouse or those you have seen while touring historic site. Once a year on South Ridge Street you will witness the most creative and the oddest looking outhouses with people inside or alongside, pushing, leaning and racing to the finish line. This is truly a sight to see.

Come join us for the annual Breckenridge celebration during the weekend of June 19th. Prove it to yourself Breckenridge is much more than just a ski town, good times exist here year round.

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