Current River Conditions

After a crazy couple of weeks at extreme high water, the rivers have peaked and are now starting to subside. The current conditions allow for a lot of different sections to open up, and these sections are pumping with whitewater right now.

ABC_2053Arkansas River: Both the Numbers and Pine Creek section have opened. These sections are currently running at 1,570 cfs which provides for huge class IV, class IV+ rapids. This makes the Gauntlet the premier section of the river for the adrenaline junkie. The Browns Canyon section is currently running at 1,870 cfs, which now allows for us to put kids as young as 7 on this section. This section is a great class III section that the whole family can enjoy.

Clear Creek: The Upper Clear Creek section is now running at 628 cfs, and provides some big class IV rapids just west of Idaho Springs. The water has gone down a bit in our Gold Rush section making it safe for kids as young as 6 and a great class II/III trip for the whole family. Our Lower Canyon section is now open, and offers big time class V rapids for the thrill seekers.ABC_3161

Upper Colorado River: The Upper Colorado River is now open to kids as young as 2 weighing in at 30lbs. The river is running at 2,930 cfs, which means we are now putting out inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddleboards on this section of the river. With full day and half day options for all these activities the conditions here are perfect for having a great day on the Upper Colorado.

Blue River: The Blue River is now running at 716 cfs and we are now taking 7 year olds down this section of the river. This river usually doesn’t run that long into the month of July so hurry up and come run this section before the water gets too low.

It is a really great time right now to go whitewater rafting with these great river conditions. From pumping class V rapids, to float trips for the whole family, we have it all. So come join us and take a whitewater trip.