Woodward Camp for the Kids

While visiting Summit County over the summer months one may think that is too hot or all of the snow has disappeared until a cooler season but that is not true. Copper Woodward is a kids summer camp and open park set up that is available almost year round for those eager to stay out on the snow and not forget all of those sweet spins and slides you worked on the entire season previous. Copper Woodward is much, much more than just your standard ski or snowboard camp, the program also offers _DSC0082skateboarding, scootering, BMX, mountain biking, digital media and cheer. 

The camps are about a week in length and have options for overnight lodging as well as options for locals to sleep in their own bed and meet up with the rest of the group at 7am each day. In addition to having full access to a foam pit, go karts, zip lining, mini golf there are also several other activities each evening such as Staff vs. Camper challenge, dodgeball and campfires assuring you will be dead dog tired after the full day of events. While seven days seems like a long time commitment to some others may think it is a little too short, Copper Woodward offers options for camp extensions to turn your one week trip into a two week trip to really push your physical abilities this summer. 

surf zipFor those wondering why the kids are the only ones allowed to have fun, your time is coming. For Copper Woodward’s Week 7 & 8 camp sessions the camp is opened up for those 18 and older so you can begin to work on your park skills and begin preparing for your upcoming winter season.