Colorado’s Most Underrated Rafting Trips

What makes for an underrated rafting trip? Underrated trips are some of the greatest trips that may get overlooked for one reason or another. Some trips get looked over because they are float trips vs whitewater trips. Others because they are considered beginner trips. No matter what the reason, there are many trips out there that people look over and they end up missing out on some great rafting.

I find that most people coming out of Denver or the Denver area miss out on our entire Granite Outpost. This location can be absolutely breathtaking. Our Browns Canyon trips can be overlooked for their simplicity. It’s a trip we often put families on, and other groups tend to overlook it and miss out on its beauty because of that. The area is a natural National Monument and totally worth the trip.

11dfd68c-ec14-4705-a944-7f92401fb0a0_600_400_80_s_c1Our Wyldride trip is also underrated at times because it uses a smaller boat, a lemon, and can only accommodate three riders. People think this trip will not be as exciting because it doesn’t use a regular rafting craft and less people can go on the trip. In reality it becomes exciting in the lemon. The smaller boat actually makes for a more intense experience over riding on a regular raft. Although it’s not a trip you can bring all your friends on, it is a trip you definitely want to bring that best pal on and be able to enjoy it in a super cool way.

The Upper Clear Creek ½ day is an overlooked trip sometimes due to its rating. It can really go either way on that scale as well. Some customers feel this trip is like the Browns Canyon because it has a start rating of class III but it is an entirely different river and an entirely different feel. It can also been seen as a trip that is way too extreme because it has an end rating on class IV. In truth this trip starts as a class III but ends a class V. It’s the best of all the trips.

Each trip gets overlooked for its own reason but mainly for rating and location. Next time you book a trip take a second and do some research. You might just be surprised at whats really offered in the trip and where.