Copper Cider Circus

Copper Cider Circus

With the numerous options of delicious craft beers in Colorado, the sub category of ciders is often overlooked to other kids like IPAs, Stouts, and other unique beer creations that the brewmasters of Colorado come up with. The Copper Cider Circus is here to remind everyone that some of the best craft breweries stray away from hoppy bitterness and go for a taste a little sweeter.

Copper Cider CircusOn August 25th and 26th, at Copper Mountain Resort, the Copper Cider Circus will be hosting over 20 cideries  and breweries, offering over 75 craft ciders and beers for everyone to try. If you buy the “First Pour” ticket, you will get to start tasting at 1o:00am and get to try a few exclusive beers. For everyone else who gets a “Grand Tasting” ticket the festivities start at 2pm.

But this event offers more than just tasting some of the best craft ciders the country has to offer! The “Superfly Infusion Master” will be in the tasting area with a “Magic Contraption” and tripping out your cider or beer with fresh ingredients, giving it a new taste you won’t believe.

On Friday night of the event, The Cheese Shop of Breckenridge and 5 cider companies will be hosting a pairing. They’ll have 5 different artisan foods including cheese, cured meat, and chocolate, and they’ll perfectly pair it with one of their craft ciders.

This event is a perfect opportunity to have a whole weekend getaway. Copper Mountain Resort is offering discount lodging to those who buy tickets to the event, and there are still early bird tickets available. Early bird tickets start at $45 for “First Pour” and $30 for the “Grand Tasting”.

At just under an hour and a half from Denver, this event is a must for any “Beer Snob” or anyone who needs a weekend out of the city. Give us a shout if you’d like to mix it up and head out on a rafting trip!