Vail Whitewater Race Series 2018

With a fantastic view of the Whitewater Race within Vail, you’ll be watching this one mile competitive sprint from the sidelines of the great outdoors. The Vail Whitewater Race Series provides some intense competition with a breathtaking scenic view surrounding it.  The race concludes at Vail’s International Bridge every week for the next month.  Starting May 8th, the race will kick off at the Covered Bridge every Tuesday night at 5:30.  Watch intermediate to expert paddlers battle side to side through the heart of Vail.

Vail Whitewater Race Series
Image courtesy of Vail Daily

Participate in the Whitewater Race Series

If you think you have what it takes… join in on the competition!  All paddlers older than the age of 16 will be able to compete in a team.


  • Kayak & SUP (Stand Up Paddle) = $45.00/person
  • Single Race Pre-Registration for Kayak & SUP = $12.00
  • Two-person raft = $70.00
  • Single Race Pre-Registration for the two-person raft = $18.00/person

What better way to meet likeminded individuals who share a passion for rafting and test your skills?  Get involved in an encouraging environment with people seeking to better their expertise in a growing sport and take your adventure to the next level.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three victors and all spectators over the age of 21 will be able to participate in the consumption of free beer courtesy of New Belgium Brewing Company.

The Competition

Each week there will be a new course challenge, decided the week of based on water levels.  For each competition, individual time trials will kick off first to determine who will be going on head to head in the second heat.

Vail Whitewater Race Series
Image courtesy of Hotel Talisa

Team Up

If you find a party of three friends that want to compete with you, your team of four can gain points as individuals and toward your team.  The catch: you have to compete in ALL legs of the series: kayaking, SUP, and two-person rafting.  Be sure you’re ready to go every Wednesday for the next month, because the team that accrues the most points throughout the series will receive the “Golden Paddle” as their trophy.

The After Parties

Vail Whitewater Race Series is cohosting after party events once a week every Tuesday Starting from May 8th – until June 5th!

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure at Vail’s Whitewater Race Series. If it inspires you to get out on the water, Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting has your back!  We run a handful of rivers across the state of Colorado so you won’t have to travel far for a river excursion.  Whether it’s your first time stepping foot in a raft or you already know your way around rapids, Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting has something for you.

*Featured image courtesy of All Events