Top Mining Museums to Visit Near Breckenridge, Colorado

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Breckenridge, Colorado is a small town known for its history. It was originally best known for being a mining town and has one of the largest historic districts in the state of Colorado for tourists to visit. From old museums, mining tours, and a ton of history surrounding Breckenridge you will find a lot of information and activities to immerse in right in the downtown and around the area.

One of the most famous and oldest mines located in Summit County is Country Boy Mine and was founded in 1887. Within its 100 years of history, Country Boy Mine became known for its gold and silver production and eventually took national fame by making large quantities of high-grade lead and zinc that was used in World War I and World War II. This mine is located in the French Gulch area in Breckenridge. French Gulch is also known for the Reiling Gold Dredge boat, which was built in 1908. It can still be seen among a huge rock pile landscape. Also located nearby is the Wellington Mine, which generated millions of dollars in gold, and was the largest mine in the area of Breckenridge running up until 1973.

Another town that is known for its mining is Idaho Springs. Located just about 40 minutes from Denver is the Argo Mill and tunnel. The Argo is known as one of the largest mills, processing over 100 million dollars of gold. The tunnel intersects many different mines and was key transportation for gold back in the early 1900’s. The Argo Mill and tunnel and museum are a popular tourist activity to see about the historic gold rush that happened through this mountain town of Idaho Springs.

Located in Leadville is the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum. The museum showcases miners and their work throughout the gold rush. There is a board of governors that select for the Hall of Fame and are dedicated to the men and women who have made historic contributions to the mining industry. The museum includes a model railroad, a walk-through underground mine, art gallery, and room showcasing the gold.

Georgetown, CO is home to a well-known train ride that will pass by through a canyon and rides by past gold and silver mines. Starting in the 1880s, Georgetown Loop become a tourist center for those who wanted to head west looking to experience the wild ruggedness and romance western Colorado had to offer. Former silver mining camp along Clear Creek in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains made in 1859 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush is a sight located in Georgetown. This designated Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic District combines Georgetown, Silver Plume, and the Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park that is between the two towns. This train loop will show you a lot of history and a mine tour.

From Breckenridge to Idaho Springs to Leadville and Georgetown, there is a bunch of history to explore around Colorado. These museums, mining tours, train rides and historic towns will give a great experience to learn and immerse yourself in to make you a mining expert in no time.