5 Secrets to Organizing a Group Vacation in Breckenridge

Planning a vacation far from home is a lot of work for anyone. The stress level grows even higher when planning for a large group traveling to the mountains. Here are 5 secrets for organizing a group vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado.

  1. Plan ahead! Breckenridge is a very popular vacation destination for people around the world so planning ahead is key for a large group. Making reservations for lodging, transportation, and activities in advance guarantees that you and your group will get to stay and do what you want where you want. Many companies also funnyb carttonoffer large discounts for booking in advance!
  2. Be prepared! Breckenridge is approximately 9,600 feet above sea level and the elevation can be a struggle for many people. The best way to avoid elevation sickness is to drink LOTS of water and minimize your alcohol consumption until you’re more adjusted.
  3. Arrange activities for everyone! With a large group, pleasing everyone can be a challenge. Activities like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, ziplining, fly fishing, hiking, and rock climbing have options for all skill and thrill levels. Book these activities in advance and your group will have a blast on their Breckenridge vacation.
  4. Delegate! Having one person in charge is a great way to avoid too many opinions. Planning a group vacation to Breckenridge is a lot of work. Delegating tasks is a zippersgreat way to make a planning slightly easier for the person in charge.
  5. Ask for group rates! Many lodging, transportation, and activity companies offer discounts for large groups. When asking for quotes it is very important to ask for group rates in order to avoid receiving pricing for individual guests. AVA offers 10% off of groups over 10 people and 15% off for groups over 20!

Follow these 5 secrets for organizing a group vacation in Breckenridge and you and your crew are sure to have the trip of a lifetime!