Ski and Raft in the Same Day!

Colorado has a climate all of its own. It happens to be one of the few places on our planet where you can comfortably enjoy both a winter as well as a summer activity in the same day. I’m talking of course about skiing and rafting hours apart. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s completely legit and definitely something worth bragging to your friends about. So how exactly does this work?
Arapahoe Basin, located just 5 minutes from Keystone Resort in Summit County, has long been renowned as the locals favorite mountain. They’re almost always the last ski resort to be operating in Colorado, along with annually being a front runner in the race to open. It’s not uncommon for Arapahoe Basin to stay open through July 4th in a good year, and thanks to April’s hefty snowpack, Arapahoe Basin is having a GREAT year. As of today they are boasting a 58″ mid mountain base, running 96 of 96 trails with 8 of 8 lifts!
As you may well know, rafting takes place on the Clear Creek and the Arkansas River. Both of these locations are a quick 45 minute drive from Arapahoe Basin. You could stay in Breckenridge or Keystone and catch first chair at Araphoe Basin, and then drive a short distance for a half day of rafting on the river. We actually have return customers who do this exact itinerary every year, purely for the bragging rights and the thrills these two extreme activities offer in the same day. Will you join their ranks?