If you’ve read a few of our blogs you’ve probably seen the word “snowpack” used several times. What exactly is snowpack? Snowpack is essentially what forms from layers of snow as it accumulates throughout the winter months in high altitude areas or places with extremely cold weather. This accumulated snow is vital for rivers and directly influences water levels throughout the summer. In Laymen’s terms, the more snow the Rockies get in the winter the better the rafting season will be. As you may have heard, Colorado’s snowpack for the 2012/2013 winter was looking pretty bleak. Then April happened and the snowpack unexpectedly increased in an order of magnitude. April smacked Colorado with more than 4 feet of snow in certain places and became the wettest April on record for the state of Colorado! As a result our water levels have taken a little time to develop, but are starting to rise with all the amazing weather the high country has been receiving. The water flows are promising to make this season one of the best in recent memory. Book your trip now to take advantage of our June early bird discounts!