Figuring Out The Right Rafting Trip For Your Group

One of the most common questions during any reservation process is, “Which trip is the best for me…beginner, intermediate, advanced…should I go ziplining too…HELP!?” It is important to have a trip that is specific to your party’s specific needs and requirements. No one wants to be ‘bored’ or thrown into a situation that they’re uncomfortable with. It is the goal of all AVA sales agents to find a trip that is best suited for your needs and wants. Consider the following questions before booking a trip:

*Have you ever been rafting?

*What is your swimming ability?

*Are you comfortable in the water?

*If you have been rafting, what class of whitewater was it?

*How adventurous do you feel?

*Do you want to raft all day, half of the day, or go on an overnight rafting adventure?

With these questions in mind, now you can begin to consider the different trips we offer. We have trips on the Arkansas River that are incredibly scenic but some that are also very adventurous. Furthermore, we offer family float trips on the Upper Colorado out of our Kremmling outpost. There are a number of rafting trips to take part in on ark_pine2the Upper C including rafting in your own duckie(inflatable kayak) or on a stand-up paddle board. Lastly, we offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced trips at our Idaho Springs outpost on the Clear Creek. And don’t forget you can go rafting AND ziplining at Granite and Idaho Springs!

Come enjoy your summer with the AVA Rafting family!