5 Tips for a Perfect July 4th in Breckenridge

Fireworks breckIndependence Day, aka the 4th of July, aka ‘Merica’s Birthday is one of the best days of the year, hands down. The 4th of July is as loveable as a litter of puppies, finding $20 on the street or getting your meal super sized for free! As Americans, we love these things, so here are 5 tips for a perfect July 4th in Breckenridge; one that will live on, in glory.

Come Rafting With Us!idaho springs

Here at AVA we live, eat, and breath whitewater. We have multiple trips available over the weekend of the 4th, and some not too far from Breck, so give us a call at 1-877-RAF-TING (1-877-723-8464) and we’ll get you set up just right. This year has been great for us, with all of the snow that Ullr brought over the winter, so the water is fantastic, and we want to share the love with you.

rsz_img_5379Come Ziplining With Us!

If you’re not into the whole H2O thing, we still have an awesome adventure for you. Our cliffside and mountain top ziplines are insane! Check out some of the new features we have on our courses, such as the surf zip out in Idaho Springs. You’re still harnessed in, but you stand on a skate deck and get to shred the gnar and fly like an eagle over the landscape. How American is that? Its as American as freedom and apple pie.  

Check Out the Parade in Breckenridge!

Start the day early and watch the Breckenridge 4th of July parade! Locals and businesses put together floats and send them down Main Street starting at 9:30am. You can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be there. Can you guess what our theme will be? If you think that it doesn’t involved water, you’re seriously mistaken. You may want to bring a splash jacket is all we’re saying!

Watch the Breckenridge Fireworks!Fireworks breck

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, people. Remember that. Celebrate our ugly breakup, with some good ol’ fashioned fireworks. Who doesn’t like fireworks? Find a comfy spot in town and watch the sky ignite around 9:45pm. If looking up isn’t your thing, drive up Baldy and find a spot to watch the show at eye level.

family and friends fourthSpend Your Day With Family and Friends

Surround yourself with other proud Americans and stay positive all day. Don’t waste this day! Eat, drink, and be merry! Breckenridge is a friendly community to begin with, and this day really brings out the happiness in all of us. Don’t feel guilty about eating that last chicken wing, you deserve it. This day is all about celebrating America, so celebrate with your fellow Americans and make it a day that you will never forget! USA! USA! USA!