Best Fall Hikes

When visiting Colorado over the fall months there are numerous outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. Colorado’s high country is known as one of the most beautiful areas in the United States during the fall for its vibrant colors and crisp mountain air. The sheer number of outdoor activities in the high country can seem overwhelming when visiting, but the best activities during the fall are hiking, camping, rafting and ziplining. The one activity that you will not want to miss this fall is hiking. Here are some of the best fall hikes to enjoy this fall.

MaroonBells_SteveBoutcherMaroon Bells located in Aspen, CO is widely considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the country due to the magnificent mountains, crystal clear lakes and vibrant Aspen groves. For those visiting Boulder, CO you will not be disappointed by  Nederland, CO’s Lost Lake with roaring cascades and stunning wildflowers. After a wet and wild rafting trip in Idaho Springs, check out Mt. Evans for a chance to see Colorado’s elusive mountain goats and rich Aspen groves. When considering a longer hike look no further than Kenosha Pass in Bailey for expansive landscapes and very unique Bristlecone Pine trees. Cub Lake located in Rocky Mountain National Park provides gorgeous scenery for photos and bird watchers alike with a large lily pad lake and thriving waterfowl population.

breck summer hikingWhile on any hike in Colorado be cautious of wildlife as their natural food sources are beginning to disappear and they may be venturing into more populated areas. Make sure you are dressed correctly for your hike; you will want good shoes with solid ankle support in addition to a light jacket in case of rain. You will also want to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as the high altitude will take the water right out of you and the sun is much more intense and will burn you more quickly. Come out to Colorado this fall and enjoy all of the state’s natural beauty, expansive landscapes and ever changing weather. Give us a call here at AVA for any and all of your outdoor trips this fall!