Breckenridge Ullr Fest: What is it and is it fun?

This year Breckenridge will be holding its 52nd Ullr fest! Ullr, the Norse God of snow, is more or less the town of Breckenridge’s mascot! When you  hear people shout out “pray to Ullr” it means they want snow! Ullr is known throughout town to bring us that fluffy white powder and to ensure its delivery Breckenridge every year hosts a festival in the name of Ullr!

images (29) Every year Ullr Fest starts with a parade. Most of stores, shops, and local businesses build custom floats and partake in the parade. In typical Ullr fashion, the crowds are decked out in viking helmets, with steins in hand! On January 9th, over 12,000 snow crazed fanatics will line the streets to help celebrate Ullr, it is truly the event of the year.  Additionally, what makes Ullr Fest so special in Breckenridgeis that it is home to the worlds longest shot ski! The last record was done last year by Breckenridge Distillery with over 60 skis and 192 people! After the parade festivities head on over to the parking lot near the gondola for the “burning of the trees.” The “burning of the trees” is where all the leftover Christmas trees, about 200 of them, are burned. Surrounded by a warm fire and music there is really no better way to celebrate Ullr! dt.common.streams.StreamServer

If in town for Ullr Fest you have to partake in the festivities! Ullr Fest is a celebration in honor of the Nordic God of Snow, Ullr! Ullr is in charge of making our winter epic, so help honor him and join the fun by partaking in Ullr Fest!