Fourteeners to Hike close to Breckenridge

There are plenty of fourteeners to accomplish in Colorado. Though it is not something for everyone, it is for sure on the top list for a lot of people who love to be in the wild and be outdoors. A few of them are located close to Breckenridge. Check out these fourteeners to hike close to Breckenridge.

Quandary mountaingoatQuandary Peak,  it is pretty well known and popular by a lot of locals. It is the 13th highest fourteener in Colorado. Even though the round trip is only 6 miles it is not an easy task to take on, especially if are not familiar with the high elevation environment. There is a portion where it requires you to climb 3,100 feet for 3 miles straight! Head south from Breckenridge on Highway 9 to find the trailhead. The summit is at 14,265 feet.

Mouth Democrat, this is a class II hiking in Mosquito Range. Occasionally, you may need to put two hands down to help keep the balance. Some off trail hiking happens in some portions of this 7 mile hike until you reach the summit at 14,286 feet. If  you have more time and energy, you can keep continuing to Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross. The trailhead is just about 5 miles northeast of Alma. From Breckenridge, stay on highway 9 south and over the Hoosier Pass.Quandary view

Mount Harvard is a little farther south on highway 9 from Breckenridge, heading toward Buena Vista. The hiking route is about 14 miles round trip. The trailhead starts at Cottonwood Creek at 9,900 feet. The trail is mostly stable but to reach the summit, you are looking at climbing up to 14,420ft. This is a pretty clam trail during the weekdays but it can get very crowded during the weekend.

Reaching any 14ers is not easy but it sure is very satisfying when you reach the top! There are numerous hiking routes ranging by difficulty and the length. Be sure to get yourself fit, gather information and pack a lot of water. For more useful inforamtion and the trail maps, go to or