Ice Sculptures in Breckenridge

5058e2e887bf7d22c35912066643f524ba5The Budweiser National Snow Sculpture is by far one of locals and tourists favorite sights that happen in Breckenridge! From January 19th to the 23rd expect the most beautiful ice sculptures to start coming to life. From the 27th of January to January 31st see them all finished ! If you are hanging out in Breckenridge the sculptures are located in front of the Riverwalk Center at 150 West Adams Street.  If you want some mementos to fully remember the ice sculptures be sure to check out the Thaw Ice Lounge for post cards, pins and even more. You can even take a look at previous years ice sculptures.

Discover the process of ice sculpting and get information on all the different teams competing! However, what the IMG_8817-300x294best part of this event really is, is that you get a say in who wins!  Yes, it is up to the people to decide who wins! Vote February 1st at 2:00pm. A donation of 1$ gets you a chance to vote and benefits the championships and artists! This event has been happening for 25 years and isn’t slowing down because not only is it a sight to see, but it is also a charitable event!

If you have never seen the ice sculptures then you probably have never seen the ice village! Great for kids. This is basically a giant ice castle you can go in and explore, some years the village  even has a slide in it! Don’t worry about parking, as there is free parking for this event! 345cf1822bae74306046cc3ff2cc159aYou can park at the courthouse lot and the parking lot off airport road and take the Breckenridge Free Ride right into the middle of the excitement.

So grab the kids and come on up to Breckenridge and see ice come alive!