How to Plan a Cheap (er) Family Ski Trip to Breck

The key to a good trip is good company. Who better than family to make a good trip into a great trip. It seems that every year the costs associated with a ski trip increase. If you are looking to plan a cheap (er) family ski trip to Breck, we have some tips for you.

The Fireside Inn – A great, affordable BNB in town.

When deciding where to stay there are a ton of options. When discussing costs, lodging is going to be a big expense. The best bang for your buck is going to come with some decision making. Mainstream lodging is going to be more expensive than something not so mainstream. Take into account how close or far you want to be from the slopes. Consider slope access, crowds, and the type of environment you want to have during your trip. The closer you stay to the slopes, such as a ski in ski out resort, will usually be more expensive and have a high hustle and bustle atmosphere. Even so, large resorts offer a close and convenient walk to the slopes. This makes for easy breaks in your room or even an easy lunch break followed by a decent nap.

You can, however, stay close while staying in budget. Take a look into smaller resorts versus large resorts. Large resorts may have faster options for skiing, such as quick lift access, but a small resort will have similar options as well. The lift may run a bit slower or the trails may not be as long but the crowd will be smaller, and so will the price. Generally a smaller resort will be more intimate and offer a more relaxing atmosphere. If you consider staying further from the slopes, your options become more and more affordable. A small resort, condo, or even an Airbnb location away from the slopes will come at a lower price, but remember this means finding transportation and lugging your equipment to the slopes.

ski-810500_1920Speaking of equipment, besides finding where you will be staying, equipment is right up there with necessities. Be you a beginner or just trying out the slope, renting gear is always more affordable than buying new gear. If you arrive before the official start of the ski season you can actually find some pretty decent deals on used gear. If you arrive after the beginning of the official ski season, renting equipment can happen a few different ways. One way is calling up local ski rental shops in town. Some will have packages you can buy into but keep in mind the crowds. Lines for gear can get pretty long during peak season. Other companies like Black Tie Rentals of Breckenridge will actually come to your location, be it at your lodging or even up on the slopes, and give you a full fitting and rent out some pretty swell gear at a low rate.