Predictions About Breckenridge’s Winter Season

After a record breaking drought and intense wildfires throughout Summit County, winter seems to have finally arrived. This winter, although slow coming, is proving to be a cold one. Temperatures seem to be in the 50’s during the day and drop down past the 30’s easily at night. With opening ski season being pushed past November 11th, life on the slopes came to a short halt in the High Rockies. This concern flows past the ski season into concern about available water in the spring for the lifeline of North America, the Colorado River. With the lack of natural snow, artificial snow is in the making to please the visitors coming to Summit County.

10-2-19-0755-version-2-1024x683Temperature is such an important factor here. It means the difference between rain, snow, and a complete mess. Snow is vital to the success of a winter season in Summit County. The fun doesn’t start until snow arrives. We are predicted to get our first major snow storm in the next week or so. We should see about 4 inches in Breckenridge in one afternoon and a vital drop in temperatures that same evening.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, winter will be colder than normal. It also calls for below normal precipitation with normal snowfall. The cold should get even colder with the coming of the new year. Snowfall is scheduled to peak now and again in January and mid-March. So the snow may not be coming quickly but the cold temperatures sure are. We should expect to see the cold temperatures get even colder as the snow slows.

The future looks bright in Summit County, so get on the phone, computer or tell your family friends it’s time to start planning the adventure of a lifetime! Hopefully this pattern continues as we move into the true heart of the winter season. So, we all hope for our favorite pastime this winter…..A WHITE CHRISTMAS! Then the Christmas music will sound even better. See ya on the slopes, think SNOW!