Best Snowshoe Trails in Breckenridge for a Winter Hike

Winter is here!  An activity that may become more popular this year for a safe and socially distanced adventure is snowshoeing.  The tradition of snowshoeing is thought to be as old as 6,000 years beginning in Central Asia.  The snowshoe as we know it today came from the North American Indigenous peoples in an effort … Read More >>

How Breckenridge Ski Resort is Planning for the 2020-2021 Season

Ski season is right around the corner!  Everyone’s got their eye on lift tickets and season passes for the 2020-2021 season to all our favorite places.  With COVID-19 forcing early closures earlier during the last ski season, everyone’s been itching to get out on the slopes.  Luckily, ski resorts have their plans in place to … Read More >>

Top 10 Things to do in Breckenridge During October

Breckenridge is known for its ski and snowboarding runs in the winter and its hiking/biking trails during the summer. So what are the best things to do between those seasons? Scenic Float Trips Close to Breckenridge During the fall season most whitewater rafting has ended and the more scenic float trips are the place to … Read More >>

The Best of Breckenridge if You Only Have 3 Days to Explore

Written by Sam Fisher It is impossible to be bored in a place like Breckenridge. This mountain town is truly a place you have to see to believe. Spend your days enjoying unbelievable restaurants with stunning views, taking to the trails for hiking and biking, boating on some of the most scenic lakes and rivers … Read More >>

5 Things to Do During the Off Season in Breckenridge, CO

What to Do in Breck What is there to do near Breckenridge, Colorado? Actually, there are lots of things to do. If you would like to get a little excitement, maybe a Zip Lining or Via Ferrata trip could be your answer. Maybe you would like a more relaxing day by playing a round of … Read More >>

Denver Whitewater Rafting Adventures

We have a secret for you, but you have to promise not to tell too many people, okay? Here it is: Some of the most exciting whitewater rafting in Colorado is just 30 minutes from Denver. You heard us right, Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting is telling you that you only have to travel 30 minutes from … Read More >>

When is the best time to go rafting in Breckenridge, Colorado?

Almost all rivers in Colorado get their water from snowmelt and the peak season for the snow to be melting off the most is mid-June. Again, depending on what river and what section you are on has a different peak season, some rivers all only snowmelt fed, much like Clear Creek. Meaning once most the … Read More >>

Your Brief Historical Timeline on Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Colorado is known for its vast array of outdoor activities, and one of its most well known activities is whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting has been at the forefront of outdoor recreation for years, but where did it come from and how long have people been enjoying days on the river? In order to look at … Read More >>