Your Family Will Love the Upper Colorado River

Colorado is home to many of the best rafting rivers in the country. From nice float trips to intense Class V rapids, there’s a river for everyone.  The Upper Colorado River is often considered a favorite by new rafters and experienced thrill junkies alike, and is a great family outing for a summer adventure.  The … Read More >>

Best Small Snacks to Take on Your Colorado Excursion

The most important part of venturing through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is making sure you have the proper fuel for your excursion.  The most convenient snacks do not require refrigeration, are easily portable, and are packed with nutrients to keep you trekking along for days. For the Protein Lover Nut Butter Boats: Fill a stick of … Read More >>

Best Beer Lineup in Breckenridge, Colorado

After a long day of hitting the slopes in Breckenridge, there is nothing quite like a fresh cold beer to refresh you.  With so many different craft breweries and great restaurants to check out, it can be hard to choose where to go.  Whether you are a connoisseur of the finer beers or just looking … Read More >>

Visiting Alma, Colorado – The Highest Incorporated Town in North America

Alma, located in Park County just south of Breckenridge, is the highest incorporated town in North America.  Sitting at 10,578 feet in elevation, Alma may be small with a population of 2070, but is packed with history around every corner.  If you’re heading to Summit County from Colorado Springs or Highway 285, you’ll get to pass through this … Read More >>

Best Sushi Stops in Breckenridge, Colorado

Craving a good evening out for dinner?  If you’re a fan of sushi you should definitely add these Breckenridge, Colorado spots to your list for next night on the town. Mountain Flying Fish Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen   This classy little spot is on the south end of Main Street and is hands down one of the locals top picks.  Mountain Fly Fishing does … Read More >>

5 Beautiful Waterfall Hikes in Colorado

Spring is just around the corner here in the Rocky Mountains, and all that snow melt means rushing water falls.  It’s time to start planning for adventure once you finally pack up the ski gear in two months.  There are some amazing views out here, and not just from the top of the slopes.  Here are five beautiful waterfall hikes in Colorado. 1. … Read More >>

Animal Shelters in Colorado’s High Country

If there is anything mountain town dwellers love more than the lifestyle and scenery here is their pets.  Dogs are the perfect companion for all Colorado adventures, and cats are a furry friend to come home to after a long day of work.  Looking for a new sidekick?  Check out these awesome animal shelters in … Read More >>

Whitewater Rafting Myths… Busted!

What are the common misconceptions about whitewater rafting?  Some may veer away from the idea of a rafting trip due to hearing bad experiences that trickle down the grapevine before it reaches you.  We’re hear to bust all those myths and get you some truth on this popular Colorado adventure. Myth #1 There will be … Read More >>

Best Places in Summit County for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in the high country is beautiful, with the snow cover peaks and the scarlet alpenglow as the sun sinks behind the mountains setting the mood for a delightful February evening!  If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day in Summit County, Colorado, check out these places to go with exquisite food and fun atmospheres. Moonlight … Read More >>