Mountain Towns to Visit Near Breckenridge

Rich in history, customs, and community, small mountain towns attract visitors as much as locals. In these mountain towns near Breckenridge, idyllic charm and unique traditions seep from cracks in buildings and spill into the windowsills of storefronts for us to marvel at out of car windows or between slow sips of coffee.

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I’m reminded of a time as a younger child, when, come summer, my parents would stuff me in the back of my mother’s Oldsmobile and head for dusty country roads, hoping to impress upon me the vast and beautiful openness of our country.

Summer after summer, as we traversed every continental state, I always enjoyed stopping in small towns. Our family often stopped at museums, and it seems as if most small towns have one dedicated to its unique history and heritage.

Colorado especially boasts a multitude of small towns dating back to the gold rush and its rich mining history. If you enjoy history, beautiful scenery, or simply slow days, we’ve discovered three mountain towns near Breckenridge worth visiting.

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American Charm at its Highest

If you’re looking to experience the Colorado altitude at its finest, pay Alma a visit! The town is highest in the United States at 10, 578 feet and can be reached via car or van over the Hoosier Pass, just 15-20 miles from Breckenridge. Five 14ers grace the area, as well as numerous other peaks that provide ample opportunity for hiking and sight-seeing.

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The town originated in 1873, and its namesake harkens back to the grocery store owner’s daughter. Alma carries both history and tragedy in its high peaks and tales, as its origins date to the gold-rush of the 1860s, when the smallpox epidemic took a toll on its already tiny population. If you walk Alma’s streets at night or pay a visit to the cemetery, you may encounter the ghost of Silver Heels—a mining camp dancer left scarred and veiled in the epidemic.

Cemetary with Flowers

For thrill seekers, the Alma area hosts the Mosquito Pass, the highest 4×4 road in North America. Make sure you have a vehicle equipped for the adventure and check out the climb! For those wanting to experience altitude but looking for a more scenic experience, we suggest paying the Windy Ridge Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area a visit. The area, located at the foot of 14er Mt. Bross, is home to Rocky Mountain native conifer species found only at elevations greater than 8,000 feet.

Conifer trees
Conifer Trees

Mountain Traditions

Alma connects to the town of Fairplay by a 6-mile paved bike path. If you’re coming from Breckenridge in the summer months, don’t forget to rent a bike to experience both small towns!

Fairplay’s population is a bit larger than Alma’s, but it still has that small town feel with its Historic Front Street, the Platte River Saloon, and just one local brewery.


You can also find our corporate housing in the town of Fairplay, and I’ve fallen in love with the area since making my move from the Texas desert and oilfields to the vast Colorado Mountains. This housing represents Fairplay’s rich history, as the 150-year-old building was once a hotel and brothel during the nascent mining times—before Colorado even became a state.

a burro

Fairplay’s biggest event of the year is the annual Burro Days in July. The festival originated with a singular foot race: any daring citizen versus a burro (a small donkey) across the 29 miles between Leadville and Fairplay. The festival now includes other events, including a llama race, gold panning, a parade, and live music.


Fresh Frisco Adventures

Located in Summit County, the town of Frisco is just 2 square miles, yet provides plenty to do for outdoor and small-town enthusiasts. The history of the Frisco area dates to the Ute Indigenous Peoples and then fur trappers who sought beaver pelts into the 1840s, with Frisco achieving its town status in 1873. With around 3000 current residents, Frisco is much bigger than Alma and Fairplay but still hosts its original schoolhouse, church, and jail in the Frisco Historic Park.

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Nordic ski, snowshoe, and hone your skills with lessons at the Frisco Nordic Center. These 28 kilometers of trail even offer opportunities to learn skijoring—a form of cross-country skiing led by your dog. Frisco is also conveniently located near Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, and Vail ski resorts.

Visiting in the spring or summer? Whether you’re staying in Frisco or Breckenridge, Summit County is a great spot to try an outdoor adventure from white water rafting to our Ziplining and Via Ferrata courses, to a fly fishing trip!

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These mountain towns near Breckenridge are great options for a day trip out to see all that Colorado has to offer with its rich history and endless adventure! Looking for more unique Colorado adventures? Check out our previous blog post on three more small towns also located near Breckenridge!

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist