5 Snowshoe Trails near Breckenridge

Breckenridge is known for its outstanding ski resort with miles upon miles of gorgeous terrain, yet the mountain town’s beauty and fun does not stop there. Breckenridge also boasts a scenic and expansive trail system with outdoor experiences that can be appreciated all year round! We’ve compiled five snowshoe trails near Breckenridge to get you started.

In winter, dazzling trails provide an escape from the crowds into a snowy wonderland, with the best way to explore being to bundle up and strap on a pair of snowshoes!  Before you go, be sure to check the weather, as well as remain aware of avalanche conditions in the area.

Man snowshoeing around lake


1. Sawmill Reservoir

New to snowshoeing? We recommend beginning with a shorter, easier adventure such as the Sawmill Reservoir Trail. Even though snowshoeing can be boiled down to hiking in funny shoes, it can be difficult at first and may require some adjustment. Check out a guide to snowshoeing, and make sure you rent or buy a pair that suit your feet and the terrain.

Experience stunning scenery on Breckenridge’s trails


This trail may be classified as “easy,” but that does not mean the scenery proves any less beautiful than other trails in Breckenridge. Like most trails in the area, the Sawmill Reservoir sits at around 10,000 feet. The trail winds a total of 1.3 miles, with 236 feet of elevation gain, through forest and eventual opens onto the reservoir, wrapping around into a loop. If you are lucky enough to experience this trail after some snowfall, you’ll feel like you’re truly walking in a winter wonderland.


2. B&B to Reiling Dredge to Minnie Mine Trail

This second trail on our list of five snowshoe trails near Breckenridge might not be off the beaten path, but it still offers stunning views in a historical context! The Breckenridge trail system contains many relics from Colorado’s Gold Rush days, and snowshoeing allows you to experience this history in a unique and fun way.

Snowshoers on this trail will encounter ruins of the Minnie Mine, as well as pass by a dazzling blue-green lake. The 2.9 mile route to the mine also takes you across two other mine ruins. The trail is popular and parking limited, so we recommend carpooling and arriving early!Snowshoeing at sunset

3. Sallie Barber Mine Trail

As mentioned, Breckenridge still boasts many remnants of its former mining days and opportunities to experience its history. The Sallie Barber trail is  another great option! The trail is 2.8 miles long with 400ft of elevation gain, and would also be perfect for beginner to intermediate snowshoers.

After a slight climb through a pine tree filled forest and over an open valley, visitors reach the Sallie Barber Mine. Here, snowshoers can even see some of the original mining equipment used until 1909!

Kids snowshoeing through woods

4. Boreas Pass

One of the best places to experience Breckenridge’s beauty is on the Boreas Pass trail. The 2.5-mile trek loops through tall, standing trees and allows for gorgeous views of the surrounding peaks, including the Tenmile Range and Mosquito Range. The trail winds through spruce, aspen, and fir trees, creating a winter wonderland experience.

Kids snowshoeing through forest

5. Spruce Creek Trail

Spruce Creek Trail continues this winter wonderland atmosphere and snowshoe magic. With powder covered trees and towering peaks, it feels as if you are walking through a fantasy world. This trail is 4.3 miles long, has nearly 1,000ft in elevation gain, and is considered a “moderate” trail.

It is a serious trek in snowshoes, so make sure you are thoroughly prepared beforehand with plenty of warm clothes, water, and food. If you are ready to brave this challenging trail, I recommend going the day after a snowstorm to get the full winter experience.

View of snowshoes on feet, winter

Take a break from skiing or snowboarding to explore more of the area, experiencing beautiful scenery and unique history! All you need is a pair of snowshoes, and you are ready to embark on a stunning winter adventure on these five snowshoe trails near Breckenridge. Already explored these trails? Looking for even more winter adventures? Check out even more snowshoe trails in the area!


Written by Micha Peterson, Sales Supervisor

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist