Things To Do Around Breck This Fall 

Now that the temperatures are dropping below freezing and the days are shorter and shorter, you know fall is right around the corner. Fall in Colorado is known as one of the most colorful in the world. During September and October the aspen groves change, creating a scene that you would see in one of Bob Ross’s paintings. Not only is the weather and scenery changing, the activities and trips available will change as well. Here are some of the best options for fall vacationing in Breckenridge.

Oktoberfest-300x224Breckenridge really hits its peak color change right around the first two weeks of September, which is an excellent time to be in Breck as it is also right when the annual Oktoberfest kicks off. Oktoberfest in Breck is one of the largest and best in Colorado, with beers by Paulaner, a true Germany brewery. If Marzens and Dunkels are not your thing, ziplining is great group activity to get everyone outside and enjoy some of the breath-taking views around the mountains. For those looking to get wet and wild and partake in some whitewater rafting during the fall months, your options may be limited, but Colorado River will be an excellent location as it will have a raft-able flow until the freeze begins in November/late October.

gondola fall colorsTrips over the fall months in the mountains do become less numerous, but they are still around if you are willing to drive a little bit to get there. The fall season is also the locals’ favorite for hiking. The trails are going to be bone dry, the weather temperate and trees ablaze with magnificent fall colors, creating the perfect hiking conditions. If you would like more info on things to do around the Breckenridge area this fall feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581.