Dillon, Colorado Ice Castles

Looking for something spectacular to observe during your winter break?  Obviously, Summit County, Colorado is home to some of the best and most popular ski resorts in the country, but there’s plenty for you and your family to do while visiting these next coming weeks!

Word on the street is the infamous ice castle is making it’s third appearance in the state starting in just a few days.  Brent Christensen is the mastermind and founder behind these works of art, with the idea of these ice castles originating in his own front yard.  He tried out a few ideas before using a wood structure for the base of the castle.  Not liking this method, Brent turned to using just water and ice for his artwork.  After a few winters of trial and error, he perfected and patented his method of cold castle construction and took his ideas to resorts around America.

Eventually, the idea caught fire (not literally), and now every winter the fortresses appear in multiple locations across the country.  The castle in Dillon this year will stand 15-25 feet tall and sit on about an acre of land.  The building process takes about a month and can require up to fifty workers to help construct.

Come nightfall, the castles will be lit up in a spectrum of color for viewing pleasure.  This magical experience is great for families and all groups of people.  With tunnels and archways built into the structure, you can make your way through this surreal formation and feel like you’ve been transported to Narnia for a moment.

Fun Facts

  • The ice castles appear blue due to the same reason the ocean appears blue: H2O absorbs every other color in the spectrum except for blue.  There is nothing added to the water used to construct the castles – all color is natural!
  • Workers will build icicles and strategically place them throughout the site of the castle in order to help the structure.  Eventually, the icicles aren’t detectable, as they blend right in with the fortress.
  • The Ice Castle walls are approximately 10 feet thick… we’re wondering how long it will take this bad boy to melt after the viewing window closes?

If you’re in town for the holidays this year, this is definitely a unique Colorado event you won’t want to miss!


*Featured image courtesy of 303 Magazine.