Rafting Getaways During Colorado’s Winter

You figure that once the summer ends, why does your whitewater rafting adventure have to end with it?  Based out of Breckenridge, winter can be a tough time for those who aren’t a fan of cold, snowy conditions.  Check out these rivers that are popular to run around the world, and maybe plan a getaway this chilly season!

Futaleufú River, Chile

Situated below the snow-capped peaks of the Andes in Chilean Patagonia is the Futaleufú River, or “Fu” as the locals would call it.  With 47 rapids, it offers the most challenging whitewater in the world ranging from a mild Class II to the extreme Class V.  The Fu has gorgeous turquoise waters, granite boulders, glaciers, forests and steep canyon walls for a spectacular view around every bend.  If you find yourself with extra free time in Chile, be sure to try horseback riding, mountain bike riding, or even an exhilarating hike to a beautiful local waterfall. The Futaleufú River is a whitewater adventure that tops the bucket list.

Franklin River, Australia

In the heart of the Franklin-Gordon Wild River National Park in Tasmania’s 2.5-million-acre Wilderness Area is the unrestrained and impeccable Franklin River.  It’s home to the last truly wild river in Australia and the last tall Huron Pine trees in the world. Any descent in the Franklin is demanding and will require some wilderness knowledge.  A decent fitness level is imperative to tackle the Class III-IV rapids in some of the most rugged and remote land in the world. With the cool temperatures in the rainforest throughout the park and the sheer beauty that lies in the heart of the river, it’s no wonder why you wouldn’t want to take a break from the slopes and get on the river.

Zambezi River

Zambia Raft the famous Zambezi River menacingly called the “Stairway to Heaven”, “Terminator”, and “Oblivion”. The Zambezi is the 4th longest river in Africa and flows through 6 countries and is the largest flowing river into the Indian Ocean. The Zambezi is one of the finest and least spoiled rivers in the world. The Zambezi is home to man water falls including Ngyone Falls and Chavuma Fall, with The Victoria Falls being the most spectacular as well as the world’s largest waterfall.

Drangme Chhu River, Bhutan

Bhutan is home to some of the world’s least explored rivers and best kept secrets. The Drangme Chhu was unknown to the world until 2009 when the government allowed access for travelers to explore the river.  The Drangme Chhhu is the largest drainage in Bhutan which gets it supply from melting snow and produces over five million liters of water each year.  The river that is a combination of two other rivers cascades down from the eastern Himalaya and challenges rafters with Class IV to V rapids.  The lower Drangme Chhu has some of the best class III whitewater on the world.  While there take some time out to explore the monasteries and sanctuaries of Dzongs.

Many Coloradan’s are fans of “chasing the snow” year round, but we’re more keen on the warmer months and bigger rapids!  If you’re waiting until the springtime to hit the whitewater, give us a call.  We do everything from taking it easy with scenic floats on the Colorado River to ripping through the rapids on the Arkansas River.  Take advantage of our current deals for 2018 adventures while they last!


*Featured image courtesy of OARS.