Animal Shelters in Colorado’s High Country

If there is anything mountain town dwellers love more than the lifestyle and scenery here is their pets.  Dogs are the perfect companion for all Colorado adventures, and cats are a furry friend to come home to after a long day of work.  Looking for a new sidekick?  Check out these awesome animal shelters in Colorado’s high country and consider adopting your new friend!

Summit County Animal Control and Shelter | Frisco, Colorado

Located in Frisco, this animal shelter is serious about finding indefinite homes for their furry ones.  In order to get a pet, you’ll have to go through a lengthy application process.  You have to own or rent a permanent residence, be at least 18 years of age, and have a form of identification with you to verify age and current address.   Though there are fees for purchasing a pet here, they are nothing compared to “shopping” for a puppy or kitten from a breeder.  Expect to pay $110 for dogs, $125 for puppies, $90 for cats, and $105 for kittens.  These adoption fees include the cost of the microchip and initial chip registration, spay or neuter surgery, license fee for the first year, current rabies and distemper vaccination, as well as a veterinary health exam.  Summit County Animal Shelter’s commitment to promoting spaying and neutering of pets to prevent unwanted litters has made the county very successful at reducing the number of animals that end up in the shelter.  But, there is always a pet in serach of a home!  Check them out here.

Grand County Animal Shelter | Granby, Colorado

The Grand County Animal Shelter just north of Winter Park promotes public safety and animal care through sheltering, pet adoptions, education, and animal control.  All animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption, with a rabies vaccine and county tags, and fees range from $30 to $75.  Similar to other animal shelters in Colorado, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid ID.  The Grand County Animal Shelter requires that if you are a renter, you must provide a letter of permission from the property owner allowing you to adopt and keep a pet on the premises.  Despite the steps required to adopt a pet, saving a life is a very rewarding experience that will provide years of fun and companionship.

Eagle Valley Humane Society | Eagle, Colorado

Vail Valley is home to another long-running shelter, the Eagle Valley Humane Society.  Established in 1974, this society has strived for over 40 years to address the needs of homeless animals in the Vail Valley and was one of the first to work toward animal control services.  Today, EVHS maintains a highly visible and respected role as the leader in outreach programs that serve both people and animals.  They offer many programs to the community as well as assist local law enforcement in animal cruelty investigations.  Eagle Valley Humane Society offers free spay and neuter programs for low-income residents as well as work with Mountain Mobile Veterinary services to provide free and low cost veterinary services to those who qualify.  This is an incredible step to help control the population of homeless animals in the Vail Valley and across the high country.

Adoption is the most beneficial way to acquire a new furry friend, and the reasons to adopt over purchasing from a pet store are endless! If you live in the high country and are looking to add a pet to your household, please visit your local animal shelter for some great adoption opportunities.