Best Small Snacks to Take on Your Colorado Excursion

The most important part of venturing through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is making sure you have the proper fuel for your excursion.  The most convenient snacks do not require refrigeration, are easily portable, and are packed with nutrients to keep you trekking along for days.

For the Protein Lover

  • Nut Butter Boats: Fill a stick of celery with peanut butter and top with almonds.
  • Trail Mix: Pack a bag full of assorted nuts, raisins, pretzels, and even a little bit of chocolate.
  • Jerky: The great part about jerky is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so a bag can last you for days.
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Protein bars: Head to the granola bar or health section of your local grocery store and stock up… you can never have too many protein bars!

For the Sweet Tooth

  • Chocolate chai seed pudding: Perfect for day long excursions due to the fact that it’s pudding and we’re sure you don’t want it to burst in your bag.
  • Fruit!  Pineapple, honeydew, apples, grapes, and watermelon are all great for the river.  Try them dried if you’re out for a few days.
  • Fruit snacks: Some believe that these are all just solidified sugar, but we can promise you there are options that are nutritious and delicious.
  • Chocolate covered almonds: &es.

For the Vegan Adventurer

  • Bag of nuts
  • Popcorn trail mix
  • Seaweed snacks
  • Roasted chick peas
  • Oat and peanut butter protein balls
  • Baked parsnip chips
  • Baked apple chips

For the Backcountry Warrior

If you’re planning to be off the grid for an extended amount of time, it’s always smart to bring plenty of non-perishable food that won’t wear you out or leave you hungry.

For Breakfast

  • Dried fruit
  • Oatmeal packets
  • Seeds or nuts
  • Nut butter
  • And if you have the set up… pancakes!

For Lunch

  • Packaged tuna or jerky
  • Crackers
  • Tortillas

For Dinner

  • Instant noodles such as Ramen
  • Instant rice
  • Beans or lentils
  • Freeze dried meals (there are endless options, check out Backpackers Pantry to see some!)

If these adventures are common for you, there are plenty of things that are easy and affordable to make on your own.  For example, one of the protein packed options, jerky, can be even more delectable made at home.  Anyone can purchase a dehydrator for anywhere from as little as $29.99 to well over $500, based on capacity and efficiency. With this dehydrator you are able to make jerky from all kinds of meats such as pork, beef, turkey, venison, elk, and many others, creating a truly versatile snack option.  For the best outcome, vacuum seal your jerky in snack sizes for ultimate freshness with every package.

Another great homemade snack is your creation of trail mix.  Common ingredients in trail mix are raisins, dried oranges, dried pineapple, almonds, walnuts, seeds, candies such as M&M’s, seasonings such as cinnamon, salt, ground ginger, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, other dried fruits, other nuts… the possibilities are endless.  You can vary each bag between spicy, salty, and sweet, so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating the same thing every day.

Battling the rapids, heading out on a backcountry packing trip, or spending a few days fishing for trout this year?  Be sure to refer to this list for the best food to take with you.  If you haven’t planned a Colorado adventure yet… what are you waiting for?  Call Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting today for the best deals on 2018 river trips!


*Featured image courtesy of Field & Stream.