5 Things to Do During the Off Season in Breckenridge, CO

What to Do in Breck

What is there to do near Breckenridge, Colorado? Actually, there are lots of things to do. If you would like to get a little excitement, maybe a Zip Lining or Via Ferrata trip could be your answer. Maybe you would like a more relaxing day by playing a round of frisbee golf. You could also check out the beautiful vistas by going on a wonderful hike or bike ride. Lastly, you can finish up strong by going to any of the wonderful restaurants in Breckenridge. All of these can really add to your vacation and really tie things together; but let’s take a look at all Breck has to offer when the snow melts and the ski season ends.

Aerial Adventures


If you are looking for some excitement and to get out of your comfort zone; look into an a guided aerial adventure! Ziplining and Via Ferrata could be an excellent option. In fact, AVA (Arkansas Valley Adventures) has 2 separate courses that are filled with lots of fun. AVA’s outpost closest to Denver is the Idaho Springs/Clear Creek location.

This location has the awe-inspiring and safe Cliffside Zipline with lots of extra features. The Mount Evans Via Ferrata course runs right beside the ziplines and is an incredible route of fixed ladders, cables, and bridges that will have you traversing across the picturesque cliffside.

AVA has another outpost in the Granite/Buena Vista area. The Mount Evans Zipline course is an incredible way to see the Arkansas River valley. It will have you soaring from clifftop and treetops across 44 acres of pure adventure. The Granite Via Ferrata course is one of the most exciting courses in the entire country. This adventure is a little more difficult; just for the simple fact that you are much higher off the ground but can be done by anyone, no climbing or zipline experience.

Relaxing Outdoor Activities

What if, you’re not looking for excitement; but a nice relaxing event for the whole family? You can easily spend a few hours playing some Frisbee Golf! There are 3 different courses around Breckenridge. The easiest of the 3 courses is the Frisco Adventure Park in Frisco, CO. This might be the best one for Breckenridge because of the free bus system that goes right by there. Summit county has 2 others as well; the Lake Dillon and Arapahoe Basin Courses. These courses tend to be a little harder than the Adventure Park but still deserved to be recognized. The best part is, frolfing (frisbee golfing) is free!

Explore The Trails

What could you do if you’re looking for both excitement and a relaxing trip? Hiking and biking can be a really good choice. There’s a wide array of trails; with various difficulties, features, and sizes. Besides the ski area, Breckenridge has two other exceptional mountains to explore; Baldy Mountain and Quandary. Both peaks are wonderful options, but they are not the only ones. Breckenridge has a path between Breckenridge and Frisco; named the Recreational Path. Overall, Breckenridge is filled with trails designed for any ability level.

Bon Appetit

Say, you took your family on an adventure and you’re in a hurry to get some food. Breckenridge has lots of choices with lots of different types of cultures. There are two places I would like to focus on; Above the Blue and Crepes a la Cart. Above the Blue (locals call it Red’s) has very good hearty food. It’s the kind of food that really could touch your soul. Crepes a la Cart should be obvious, they make crepes. What makes them stand out, is the range they can reach. It really puts a plus whether you’re looking for satisfying meal or a sweet treat. These places are not sit-down restaurants, so they could be faster in their service.


Breckenridge Fall Festival

Looking at all the options, there really is a lot to do in or near Breckenridge. There are tons of adventure trips nearby. Maybe even, doing something relaxing like Frisbee Golf. How about, checking those amazing vistas on a hike or bike ride. There are so many activities to do; it just takes a little investigating. You could always finish up your night with a wonderful restaurant; they’re so many different kinds of options. All in all, you just have to come down and check it out yourself!