Denver Whitewater Rafting Adventures

We have a secret for you, but you have to promise not to tell too many people, okay? Here it is:

Some of the most exciting whitewater rafting in Colorado is just 30 minutes from Denver.

You heard us right, Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting is telling you that you only have to travel 30 minutes from Denver (towards Breckenridge of course) to go rafting. If you still aren’t so sure, check out this video which will make you add Denver rafting to your bucket list before you can finish it!

Here are some details about rafting near Denver:

Where: Clear Creek Canyon in Idaho Springs, Colorado just 30 minutes west on I-70 from Denver and towards Breckenridge, CO.

Level: Clear Creek Canyon offers class III-V rafting. Clear Creek is a beautiful windy river right through a canyon that offers technical, exciting whitewater rafting trips.

  • Class III rafting trips are great for anyone 7+ who is looking for a fun and splashy trip, but isn’t quite ready for bigger rapids and continuous paddling.
  • Class IV rafting trips are great for anyone 15+ who wants to paddle hard through big rapids, but still have time here and there to take in the beautiful scenery.
  • Class V rafting trips are great for anyone 15+ who is ready to paddle hard, listen to their guide (well all levels need to listen to their guide, but it’s crucial on this trip) and really push themselves to the limit.

Length: All of the Clear Creek rafting trips last between 1/3 of a day to a full day, so you will still be able to be back in Denver for dinner.Whitewater Rafting

When: You can go rafting in Clear Creek Canyon between May and August.

Even this year? Well, first and foremost, availability depends on water level, so each year the available dates may differ. The water that fills our rivers comes from the snow we get all year long in our mountains. Our season depends on when the weather warms up and the rivers start flowing, and the amount of snow we get determines just how long that season is going to be. Does it make more sense why Coloradans love snow so much? Whether you are a skier or a rafter you need it for a great season.

*If you are referring to shut downs from COVID-19, we are not offering as many rafting trips and dates are subject to change, but we hope to offer modified trips starting Memorial Day Weekend where your safety is our number one concern (always).

Safety: We will also be taking extra safety precautions this year to keep our rafters extra safe from the current threat of coronavirus. Learn more about how we are adapting our trips here. 

Insider tip: Whether you are staying/living in the front range, or visiting or staying in the Rockies, Clear Creek is right off interstate 70 and can be conveniently added to any vacation or weekend to put the cherry on top of your experience. You don’t have to go out of your way to tackle some of the most fun whitewater in Colorado!

Bonus Information: If you are looking to get away from Denver and want to try rafting in some of the more remote parts of Colorado, we have plenty of trips for you. Some of the top rafting locations in the state include:

  1. Kremmling, Colorado: The Upper Colorado River (great for laid back trips with beautiful scenery)
  2. Buena Vista, Colorado: The Arkansas River (perfect for all levels)
  3. Silverthorne, Colorado: The Blue River (the perfect 1/2 day trip just outside of Breckenridge)
  4. Fort Collins, Colorado: The Poudre River (great for all levels)
  5. Durango, Colorado: The Animas River (This southwest river has your name on it if it isn’t to far away)


We hope there will be some whitewater in your future, and we are here to help you find the perfect whitewater rafting trip for you. If you are trying to stay close to home/Denver or venture out into different parts of Colorado, there is a trip that is calling your name!