3 Gift Ideas to pair with your BWR Summer Adventure

So you’ve already booked your rafting and ziplining adventure for the summer, but want to get your kids excited now?? Well keep the rafting spirit alive with some adventure themed gifts. Check out these 3 great gift ideas to pair with your BWR summer adventure.

event_10790304 Are you planning on taking the little ones on an a scenic float down the Upper Colorado River next summer? How about getting them excited by buying them some water toys, our guides recommend water guns. While floating through the majestic Little Gore Canyon you will be able to search for scenic wild life, such as Bald Eagles. However, when you stop at the hot springs and cliff jumping, fun is sure to be had when you open fire amongst the cliff jumpers.

If rafting on any of our rivers, water shoes are always a good choice. As Colorado Rivers are all dependent on snow-melt they tend to run a bit cold. Protecting those feet with neoprene socks or NRS water shoes will help keep your feet not only nice and warm, but also safe from the river bed.

mzl.ipizlnieIf you have an adrenaline junkie in your family and are doing a full day of activities, it might not be a bad idea to help him capture all his adventures. A GoPro will be sure to help document all the fun you will have ziplining and rafting. What’s more is that our outposts all have helmets that are GoPro compatible, allowing you to get the perfect footage.

It’s the start of the winter and your rafting trip with your family is not until July. How do you keep the excitement alive until then? By giving gifts to help get them pumped for the rafting season! Whether you plan on capturing some thrilling footage with a GoPro, or enjoying a nice relaxing day on the river engaged in water gun fight, you will be sure to get anyone excited for rafting with these gifts.