Best Time to Book a Colorado Rafting Trip

When is the best time to book your Colorado rafting trip you ask? Well, no time like the present! The whitewater in Colorado is all dependent on snow melt. The more snow we get, the more snow melts, and the more rapids we get! Typically, the earliest we start rafting is the beginning of May. However, we continue rafting all throughout the summer, ending on Labor Day.

UCCb-450To get your pick of the day and time of your trip, book sooner rather than later. If you are thinking about a half-day trip on the river, there isn’t too big of a rush to book, as we run those trips so frequently we are bound to get you on the river on one of the days and times you are available. However, our full-day and overnight trips tend to get booked up quicker than our half-day trips, so for your pick of trips get your travel plans in order well in advance. Additionally, if you are planning on rafting on a holiday, such as 4th of July, you will want to secure those plans well in advance.

UCCda-450With outposts located on three major rivers, the Colorado, Clear Creek and Arkansas, there are rafting opportunities all across the state. With so many rivers, we are also able to offer rafting for all levels, from the gentle class IIs and IIIs, to exhilarating class IVs and Vs, we got it all!

Even if you do not know the exact day of your desired adventure, book a trip with Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting! With our excellent cancellation you can move your rafting trip, so we will be sure to get you rafting on the river. Rafting is a great way to spend time with family and friends, not to mention it’s a blast! So, don’t wait and plan your summer adventure now!