The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Staying in Breckenridge

Visiting the magical town of Breckenridge, Colorado with its unique mountain setting makes for a world class holiday or summer vacation. Though, when visiting Breckenridge it can be hard to find the best deals and adapting to elevation can prove tricky for some. To help you get the most out of your visit we have compiled the ultimate cheat sheet when staying Breckenridge.

Winter Morning - Breckenridge ColoradoThe best time to visit Breckenridge is between November to March and June to early September. During the off seasons you can usually find vacation deals and discounts. The beginning of April provides great deals on lodging events and skiing. Lodging and dining deals are also great during September and early October. Finding lodging in Breckenridge can be quite hard and will tend to go fast in the peak season. To get the best deals, booking in advance for lodging and transportation is the ticket to a happy vacation. Additionally, preparing yourself for the altitude change is very important. When traveling above 8,000 feet, altitude sickness can affect almost 30 percent of visitors. Main symptoms can be shortness of breath, nausea, headache and fatigue. If this happens make sure to drink a lot of water and see a doctor if it persists more than a few days.

ShowImageLocated on the North side of the 10 Mile Range, Breckenridge tends to be a bit windier than many other mountain towns. To beat the windchill, make sure you bring your hat, gloves, snow boots and coats. Breckenridge, following in true Colorado fashion, has rapidly changing weather and you want to make sure you stay comfortable, dry and warm. Thankfully, Breckenridge makes it super easy for you to stay warm while getting around town thanks to it’s free public transportation.

Transportation around the Breckenridge area is easier than you might think so taking a shuttle versus renting a car is the way to go. Once you get into town there are many options to getting around. One great way is to use Breckenridge’s Free Ride system. It gets you where you want to go in a quick and easy manner through downtown and even back to your lodging destination.

Whether you are coming to Breckenridge for an epic ski weekend, or to spend time on Main St with family and friends, these few tips will make sure you have an enjoyable vacation.

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