Colorado River Boat Rentals

dsc_0045The Upper Colorado River is a majestic stretch of water that is perfect for a family day or overnight Colorado rafting trip. The calm waters of the Colorado move it’s visitors gently downstream while also tackling class I and II rapids. The easy rapids will add that extra level of excitement to keep even the most adventurous occupied. In addition to our amazing guided Upper Colorado float trips, kayak and stand up paddle board adventures, AVA will now be offering gear rentals out of our Kremmling, Colorado outpost. Due to the calm nature of the Colorado River, we are able to offer unguided trips in rafts, inflatable kayaks and stand up paddle boards.


Inflatable Kayaks

Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to enjoy a private, self-guided journey down the Upper Colorado River is to do so on an inflatable kayak. Our inflatable kayaks, also called “duckies,” DSC_0007provide our solo adventurers with the opportunity to explore the many inlets, eddies and gentle rapids. Doing this at a personally preferred pace will ensure the adventurer within a perfect amount of fun on this customized kayak trip.

Type of CraftLength of RentalPriceWhat’s Included
Inflatable Kayak (single passenger)1/2 Day$30Life Jackets & Paddle
Inflatable Kayak (single passenger)1-3 Days$40Life Jackets & Paddle
Inflatable Kayak (double passenger)1/2 Day$35Life Jackets & Paddle
Inflatable Kayak (double passenger)1-3 Days$45Life Jackets & Paddle


Stand up Paddle Boards

For those seeking a bit more of an exciting, thrill filled experience, might we suggest a stand up paddle board, also called “SUP.” The SUP’s, similar to a longboard surfboard, allow participants aged 15 and over the freedom to choose just how the float down the river will go. Whether standing up and paddling, basking in the suns rays while laid back or floating alongside a SUP while being refreshed by the healing waters of the Upper Colorado, the choice is entirely up to the SUPer!

Type of CraftLength of RentalPriceWhat’s Included
Stand Up Paddle Board1/2 Day$30Paddle
Stand Up Paddle Board1-3 Days$45Paddle


7.30.13 am (9)

If the two previous options don’t quite fill the need, there is also the option to rent an entire river raft! Great for those wanting to try their hand at navigating a raft full of passengers down the Upper Colorado, our rental program makes this a dream come true. Since the Upper Colorado River is calm and majestic, the margin for error is quite minimal. Leading a raft trip down the Upper Colorado will have any novice paddler feeling like the leader of the pack!



Type of CraftLength of RentalPriceWhat’s Included
12′ Raft1/2 Day$65Life Jackets & Paddle
12′ Raft1-3 Days$85Life Jackets & Paddle
14′ Raft1/2 Day$80Life Jackets & Paddle
14′ Raft1-3 Days$105Life Jackets & Paddle
16′ Raft1/2 Day$100Life Jackets & Paddle
16′ Raft1-3 Days$150Life Jackets & Paddle
12′ Oar Raft1-3 Days$120Life Jackets
14′ Oar Raft1-3 Days$140Life Jackets
16′ Oar Raft1-3 Days$185Life Jackets

Extra Items/Services

In addition to providing these great rental deals, AVA also has other gear to rent and services:

Additional ItemsPrice per Day
Raft/Kayak Paddles$5
Dry Bags$5
Raft Frame$30
Raft Frame w/Cooler$45
Raft Frame w/Cooler & Cargo Box$60
Fire Pans$10
Groover Dump Fee$30
Pickup/Dropoff @ our OfficeFREE
Dropoff & Pickup at River$75