Whitewater Rafting Opens May 2nd

Discount Clear Creek RaftingDo you know what starts on May 2nd? Arkansas Valley Adventures begins our rafting season!  With three outposts and more Colorado rafting trips than you can believe, AVA is the premier choice for all of your adrenaline needs. Below is a brief explanation of all of the different activities each of our outposts provide.  Use this to help guide you to the best location for you , your family or group and give us a call to book your trip today!

Kremmling, COGOATS! AH!

Kremmling is located on the Upper Colorado River.  At the outpost we offer float trips which are great for families with smaller children.  There is also an option to use your our personal inflatable kayaks and paddleboards, if you’d like to add some extra adventure!  Float down the scenic Colorado River and jump off some cliffs along the way.  Looking for the most exciting adventure?  This outpost also offers one of the most difficult commercial rafting trips in the US called Gore Canyon.  This runs during August and is a strong class V+ that requires each passenger to pass a swim test.  

10-6-2 AVA 46 compIdaho Springs, CO

This outpost is located on the Clear Creek and is perfect for people staying in Denver since it is only about a half an hour drive. At our Idaho Springs Outpost, we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced trips.  These trips range from ⅓ of a day to one full day. On top of the amazing rafting this outpost offers, there is also an exhilarating zip line!  We offer packages so you can enjoy both activities in one day.  

Granite, COgranite outpost

Granite is located on the Arkansas River.  Similar to Idaho Springs, this outpost also offers rafting and ziplining.  Our Granite Outpost is a better option for families who want a longer beginner rafting trip, as we run one of the most popular and scenic sections of the river, Browns Canyon.  Packages are also offered here along with a rock climbing activity if rafting and zip lining does not quench your adrenaline thirst.